Revelation Cat

There comes a point when you can no longer remain silent, you want to share a problem with the whole world, you are looking for help and support. These Mike Farley shared their dirtiest secrets.

1 I wrote on the hamster.

Revelation Cat (1)

2 I gnawed charge from two computers that belong to the White House.

Revelation Cat (2)

3 I do not even live here!
Revelation Cat (3)

4 I’m hiding under the bed, and when people pass by, I jump out at them, biting the ankles and running again under the bed.
Revelation Cat (4)

5 Today I ripped curtains mommy and daddy. And yesterday I nakakat on their bed.

Revelation Cat (5)

6 Every night I wrote and cocoa under Mamochkin table.

Revelation Cat (6)

7 I’m Colby and I dependence vkusnyashek. I learned how to open kitchen cabinets and now I crawled under the cabinet with snacks, pushing, opening it from the inside, and climb inside!

Revelation Cat (7)

8 I lick my mother’s pillow, and it smells like garbage my breath.

Revelation Cat (8)

9 I have beaten dog. Now, every time she sees me, she cries and calls for help. All dogs in the area are afraid of me.

Revelation Cat (9)

10 I think I have a dog.
Revelation Cat (10)

11 I made my way to the neighbor’s house and eat their cat food.

Revelation Cat (11)
11 I made my way to the neighbor’s house and eat their cat food.

Revelation Cat (12)

13 I’m so excited to ride on the mother’s bed, I’m falling with it at least once a day.

Revelation Cat (13)

14 I mean. I beat my daddy, and then wrote in his shoes.

Revelation Cat (14)

16 Hey, I’m Katitza. I destroyed my fitball person with their sharp claws. No, I’m not sorry for what he did, it was her fault. She lost her balance while sitting on the ball and patting me on his lap, and fall scared me. I hated the ball anyway.

Revelation Cat (16)

17 I love the owners imposed and force them to stroke me, whether they like it or not.

Revelation Cat (17)


Revelation Cat (18)

18 -I nableval on the couch …
– … and I ate it and vomit again.


19 My name is Reebok, and I’m an asshole! I destroyed an incredible amount of headphones. Last time mom thought she was smart, and put them in his bag. I caught them and bitten, and now they do not work. Now, during a conference call she would have to keep the phone as long as it does not buy new headphones. HAHAHA, nom nom nom !!! I’m not ashamed !!!

Revelation Cat (19)

20 I hate ALL glass cups on the table. Therefore, I came across them on the floor. This crushing sound so lovely!

Revelation Cat (20)



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