Rio +20: indigenous people set up camp for the alternative People

Rio +20: indigenous people set up camp for the alternative People

1. Members of Brazil’s indigenous tribes have set up camp in the Rio suburb of Jacarepagua for the “People’s Summit”. The gathering of indigenous peoples forms a counterpoint to the official UN Conference on Sustainable Development, known as Rio+20.

2. The name of the camp, Kari-Oca, means “White man’s house” in the Tupi-Guarani language.

3. The “People’s Summit,” an initiative of 200 ecological groups and social movements from around the world, denounces the “green economy” concept being debated by 115 world leaders at the official June 20-22 UN meeting.

4. The “People’s Summit” will feature several different demonstrations, including a main march expected to draw 50,000 people on June 20, when the official Rio+20 meet gets under way.

5. Some 400 representatives of 20 indigenous groups, including Guaranis, Tikunas, Tukanos, Gavioes, Kayapos, Xavantes and Bororos are expected, along with 1,200 natives from Canada, the United States, Colombia and Nicaragua.

6. A women’s rally is scheduled for Monday along with a rally to protest a new forestry code in Brazil that would ease restrictions on forest protection and which environmentalists sees as a threat to the Amazon rainforest.

7. Kayapo and Xerente men prepare to light a fire using a traditional method

8. People from several indigenous tribes participate in the fire lighting ceremony at the Kari-Oca village

9. A Kayapo man holds the sacred fire during the Kari-Oca opening ceremony

10. A Terena man cries as he remembers their dead during the Kari-Oca opening ceremony

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