Sad Puppies – Have a Heart….

In these photos you will see a very cute but very sad puppies. Attention! After viewing may cause uncontrollable desire to take home a homeless puppy or regret already available. Then Get one more.
All puppies are cute – it’s a fact. All of them are funny and kind, and looking at them, it is impossible not to smile. But sometimes even the most cheerful puppy can be sad, to think and worry of his master. Puppies are very cute, pretty and heartwarming, but they are united not only that. All they have is so sad and wistful look and wants to take it on pens, hugged and want to say: “Everything will be fine, I’m here!”
1. Will you take me home? I so need a good and loving owner!

Sad But Puppies (1)

2. Somehow I felt sad.

Sad But Puppies (2)

3. Will you come with me for a walk?

Sad But Puppies (3)

4. Why sad, saffron?

Sad But Puppies (4)

5. Those eyes … who dared to offend a foot?

Sad But Puppies (5)

6. AM I That bad?

Sad But Puppies (6)

7. Eh … a dog’s life ..

Sad But Puppies (7)

8. Maybe this kid is sad because he is not like everyone else?

Sad But Puppies (8)

9. I support …

Sad But Puppies (9)

10. How much sadness in those eyes!

Sad But Puppies (10)
11. Someday I’ll find someone who will love me?

Sad But Puppies (11)

12. Eeeh … so sleepy, and they are here with their walks.

Sad But Puppies (12)

13. The hostess, I just love you?

Sad But Puppies (13)

14. Now would be a cookie!

Sad But Puppies (14)

15. I do not need anyone …

Sad But Puppies (15)

16. Planted on a leash … and yet I’d never have since fled.

Sad But Puppies (16)

17. The owner – come to me!

Sad But Puppies (17)

18. Do not go!

Sad But Puppies (18)

19. I still quite small, but I’ll love you with all my heart.

Sad But Puppies (19)

20. Do not go, I promise to behave Good.

Sad But Puppies (20)

Some really have given me Tears. The only thing I can say treat animals good help them. Have a heart….


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