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Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular by Royal De Luxe

1.  Liverpool will come to a standstill this weekend as it is taken over

 2.The giant puppets are expected to attract thousands of spectators

3. It is the final event to use European legacy funding from the Liverpool

4. Officials say it is the most complex event the city has staged

5. Jean-Luc Courcoult, artistic director of RDL, has created the Sea

6. A giant deep sea diver puppet is lifted out of Salthouse dock in Liverpool

7. Performers stand on the head of a giant puppet of a deep sea diver

8. A giant puppet, part of a street theatre production entitled Sea Odyssey

9. People wash the feet of the little girl as she has a shower in the morning

10. A child rides the little girl’s pet dog

11. A little girl pats the giant pet dog

12. A crowd gather to watch as the Little Girl Giant, a marionette

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