Secrets And Facts For The Passengers

A few weeks later the long-awaited summer is there, with it the holiday season will start. This article will be useful for those who are going to fly somewhere.

1. Little about airplanes

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in Boeing 767 – about 3.1 million items. Many of them are doing in different countries: the fuselage are made ​​in Japan, the central part of the wing – in Southern California, flaps – in Italy.
Door aircraft weighs an average of about 40 kg, the truck with food and drink – 90 kg.
Every day at least one plane in the world has a zipper. But passengers do not notice because the airliner has special protection.
Most of the time the aircraft autopilot controls.
Opening the door during flight is impossible, it is automatically locked. Alas, Hollywood movies often try to convince us otherwise.
“black box” actually has a circular shape and bright color to make it easier to find him after the crash. The name “black” because of the tragic events occurred, after which find this device.
greatest height at which the plane climbed – 37,650 m in 1977 it reached the Soviet pilot Aircraft Mikoyan.
longest flight took place last year on the same Aircraft Boeing, 35 people (among whom were managers and journalists) have flown without landing 18,600 km. And in a chair chief pilot was a woman.

2. Little about the pilots

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in some airlines pilots served different food, They even can not share with each other. This is done in case if something will cause food poisoning. In this case will always be the co-pilot to full health, which can normally control the plane.
Pilots never tell the passengers that something unexpected happened on board, until the situation becomes absolutely irreversible.
Some pilots carry guns. They undergo regular teaching standards and adhere to its use.
Sometimes pilots do not have time even for food, and they are forced to delay the flight just for a quick snack.
In aviation terminology, there is no concept of “landing on water.” This is called a “drop in the ocean.”
Despite the fact that pilots are prohibited from engaging in the workplace something different from the control plane, a two-hour flight and a half hours airliner flying on autopilot, and this time you need something to do. Therefore, pilots read the newspaper, watch DVD and do other chores supernumerary.

3. Little about the stewardess

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Flight stewards must know the aircraft, safety, be able to provide first aid (CPR, cardiac massage and take delivery), to be able in any situation to ensure the safety of passengers.
Semiannually airlines arrange any exam or test. And every year the flight attendants sent to refresher courses.
30% of all comers are selected by the airline.
During the three-hour flight Kiev – Paris flight attendant can walk 3 miles.
During the three-hour flight attendants can pour about 10 liters of spirits.


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4. A little bit about food
Never drink water on the plane, if it is not from a bottle. Better not even touch it. Bacteria levels exceed the established norm. To kill them, they add chemicals.
If you are thirsty, you can get more than just a glass of water. Politely ask the flight attendant to bring you a whole can of Coke, and, most likely, she will be glad to help.
You can ask for an extra serving. For this you need to say: “More please.” For cabin crew is the signal friend or foe. So they understand that people in the subject.
If you carefully look at the options when buying a ticket on the site, there are usually have an opportunity to select an alternate power supply.Try a vegetarian meal or kosher meal.
Another useful feature special menu – it is served before the rest.


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5. If the flight is delayed 
When minor flight delay, you can ask for luggage storage. 
If the flight is delayed: 
– More than 2 hours, you are required to provide 2 phone calls or two e-mail messages. 
– More than 4 hours, you should ask the representatives of the company: “Where is my hot lunch?” 
– At 7-10 hours, causing seriously changed arrival time, then upon arrival, you can contact the airline to provide you a hotel room. 
– In case of serious delays for passengers required to pay a penalty (25% for 1 hour, but not more than 50% of the ticket price).

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