SleeveFace – Vinyl Records by Carl Morris

Movement Sleeveface appeared five years ago It is a creation of pictures, some of which are covers of vinyl records.
One of the founders of Sleeveface a painter Carl Morris. His idea is to take photographs from the covers of music records quickly became popular on the Internet, and in 2007 He settled on a site created by himself, Today, he feel largely thanks for social networks, SleeveFace got the millions of participants around the world and is positioned as the salvation of vinyl and CDs from mp3.

(55 photos)

All you need to do is to get into the community SleeveFace – do a good shot, and after a few hours it will be seen to hundreds of thousands of people. The most important thing, it’s not just hide your face behind the plate, pick up the most appropriate scenery and detail, in harmony with the cover.
























































4 thoughts on “SleeveFace – Vinyl Records by Carl Morris”

  1. What a great collection of sleevefaces! For those of you who don’t own vinyl (or for when it’s at home and you’re out at a party, work, or anywhere else) try the Sleevefaver iPhone app. Just choose art from your digital music library, then resize, rotate and move it to line it up just right…then snap a photo. It’s fun and very addicting. Find the app here:¬†

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