You will not believe that he was trying to smuggle across the border

Chinese border Guards detained A young Suspicious Man WHO has Been Issued A strange gait and Nervous behavior. Deciding to Watch His personal belongings and did not Find anything Suspicious, Customs Officials Asked to Pass through HIM A Metal Detector, and then it Turned out with That them he had an extra load …



1. China Customs detained enterprising resident of Hong Kong, who tried to smuggle 94 Smartphone of Apple in China. The Man approached the issue Thoroughly and pasted everything your body Gadgets prestigious companies from Different Generations, But the Smuggler has Issued an Unnatural gait.


2. The Chinese edition Sina reports that the customs control of China with Hong Kong was arrested a man who tried to smuggle 94 iPhone, posted on His body. In the photos you CAN See how Current Flagship model of the 6th and the older Generation. All machines were seized.



3. ACCORDING to the Report, the so-Called “Mobile Suit” – popular enough Method of transportation of stolen smartphones across the border. Customs officers Say the Smuggler Issuing Country gait and some tension in His Movements, Which is not Surprising, Because such a design certainly complicates the dynamics, not to mention the moral tension out of fear of being caught.





4. It is Unlikely Event That Will this stop Trying to Transport Devices across the border to circumvent the Law. Rather, the Smugglers try to Come up with more reliable A way to Deliver the Gadgets on the Territory of Other Countries.





5. Recall that sales of the iPhone and the iPhone on June 6 Plus Started in China in Mid-October Last year. The cost is $ Minimum 860 smartphones, they are two average monthly salaries of private sector employees in China.


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