Snake Woman shots calendar of 2015

Julia Gyuntel under the pseudonym Zlata is known as the most flexible woman in the world. She recently posed for a calendar for 2015.



28-year-old Julia Gyuntel born in Tatarstan, and now lives in Germany. Nevertheless, his native place, in Russia, the amazing young lady remembered by many. The fact that Julia demonstrates the unique ability – it can bend like a snake. “Rings” Gyuntel dazzling, and its flexibility, this young lady has long received the title of “snake”.


That title, not a nickname – because art Julia really unique. Uniqueness Gyuntel recognized in Britain.Here 28-year-old girl named most flexible woman in the world.


Gymnast Julia Gyuntel lived in Naberezhnye Chelny from two to 16 years. Her talent in 4 years noticed teacher Galina Pavlova Valentinovna in kindergarten №46 «Lesovichok.” It was her Julia grateful for all that she has achieved in life.


From 6 years old she began to engage in the circus studio DC “Energetic” and thanks to the long and hard training in 10 years, first came on the scene with his number “Rubber”.


Daily Gyuntel conducts training for 5 hours! And yet, in order to maintain in the form of a flexible body.


In his creative life Julia often uses the alias Zlata. Gyuntel twice fell into the Guinness Book of Records. And today she is entirely focused on the career of the actress.





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