Top 12 Signs of the Aging Male

And here are a few signs of the coming aging male outlined British experts with humor:

 Top 12 Signs of the Aging Male

1. Now for you going to bed early is not a punishment, but a reward and happiness.

2. Now where are you more interested in kids than babes (I mean, girls).

3. Died someone famous, and you will immediately subtract your age from it, realizing with horror that the difference is small.

4. Number of lotions, shampoos and other means to save the hair on your head goes through all bounds.

5. All these presenters who seem to many viewers, old, you do not seem to have those.

6. You find your favorite music recordings that have not lost by more than 20 years. And each creates a memory.

7. You notice that much older than the age football favorite team.

8. Afternoon sleep becomes for you pleasure.

9. You stop chasing fashionable clothes and begin to appreciate that, which is convenient.

10. You suddenly starts wondering theme pensions.

11. Previously, you had no interest in gardening and horticulture.