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Some survivors of the nuclear attack in Hiroshima faced- fingers began to grow “black nails” – strange formations, similar in shape to a tree branch with blood vessels. When the nail is cut or breaks, then the place started to bleed heavily.
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The language is more than 40 human bitter taste receptors and receptors sweet taste – only one. Nature gave us the ability to distinguish much more “shades” bitter no coincidence – the bitterness may signal possible fetal toxicity.

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In the early 60s American astronauts pursued crowd of fans, many of whom were “many attractive women willing to give anything for the chance to spend the night with an astronaut.”
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Man, unhappy as he served in the bank officially changed his name and became “Mr. Yorkshire Bank fascist bastards” to be able to leave his “message of” each a signed receipt.

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Hitler suffered from indigestion, which forced him to constantly fart.

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In the space race of the USSR the U.S. surpassed in almost all items, except of landing a man on the moon.

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In his book “Mein Kampf,” Hitler in every way praises American and British propaganda system, which assigns the lion’s share of success in the First World War. There he swears he will create in their image and likeness of his own propaganda machine.


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Feline purr promotes coalescing broken bones and torn muscles. This wonderful property is explained by the specific frequency rumbling (about 25-150 Hz). Furthermore, stroking a cat on his lap humming, a person can increase the density of their bones.

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In 1972, three criminals hijacked American aircraft DC-9, demanded to fly to Cuba, where they hoped to give a large ransom, conclude with Castro “win-win deal.” Castro ordered the arrest of the kidnappers and return the plane with the passengers and the money back to the United States.


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Lemmings, contrary to popular belief, do not commit mass suicide. Disney came up with this legend: the creation of the documentary film “White Heath” (1958) cast

members deliberately chased the animals to the cliff edge.

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