Stories of Pets Coming Back

Nine wonderful stories about how pets have found a way home, despite the vast distances and obstacles.



1. Irish Terrier Prince

Distance: Unknown
Missing From: Unknown

In 1914, Private James Brown of Staffordshire Called to the FRONT – WAS Brown One of the first regiments sent to France for War. Home he HAD to Leave His favorite Prince. That is despite the FACT WAS the Prince left in the care of the Family, not strangers, Dog anyway so longed for His Master That One day Disappeared. Brown’s wife wrote to HIM About it in A letter, But the letter CAME too late shortly before Receiving mail Prince and James Reunited. Dog found His Master in the French Trenches, having crossed the English Channel, and WAS Ready to fight with the Germans Against Them. Prince Detachment Made Their Mascot and left at Home, and in Gratitude Dog Served as the Postman, passing notes on the Battlefield.


2. Australian Heeler Sophie Tucker

Distance: 10 km on the water
Missing From: four months

Ian Griffith vacationing with His Family on the Boat and Sailing Went into A storm, When the Home favorite Sophie Tucker Fell overboard. Ian Thought That WAS the Drowned Dog, Lost All Hope of Rescue Pet A storm in and Went on ITS way. Sophie Tucker not only drowned, but also experienced many adventures she swam 10 miles Side by Side with the sharks (it WAS Close to Australian Shores), Almost Landed on A desert Island and there for four months hunting Wild goats to feed by themselves. Sophie found Rangers, worried that goats someone steals and kills, and then returned home address label.


3. mongrel cat Barsik

Distance: 200 km
Missing From: five weeks

Three owners of cat Barsika from Rostov-na-Donu Gathered to visit Relatives in the Ukraine in Krasnodon. Pet, They Decided to Take Them with, without Asking Whether They want to do Barsik Leave Home. Quite predictably, But Barsik Arrived in Krasnodon and released from the bag, immediately Frightened Dogs barking and unfamiliar terrain, ESCAPED from the Home and ran away – and not just Anywhere But Home, across the border. Five weeks Barsik found Himself on the doorstep in Rostov-on-Don, emaciated, with a slight stretch legs, but obviously happy.


4. Siamese cat Simon

Distance: 2,000 km
Missing From : Six years

In 1987, the Family murmanchan Sinishin Lost cat Seeds, Returning from Moscow, and Returned to Murmansk “Orphaned”. HOWEVER, Stubborn cat does not put up with this course of events, Six years spent in wandering to Return Home, and finally it Made . The Case That WAS Extraordinary so the seeds have Written About in the Murmansk Newspapers, A Short Film Directed “Love Story”, and in 2012 ESTABLISHED A monument to HIM. Now sad bronze cat with A Bundle Sitting on bench Semenovski A Lake in Murmansk : say if it scratched his ear and make a wish, it will come true.


5. Mixed Scotch Collie and Shepherd English Bobby

Distance: 4100 km
Missing From: Six months

In 1923, DURING A trip to Indiana Lost A two-year Dog Bobby. The hosts Were looking for HIM A few days, But Could not Find, and Went Home in Silverton, Oregon. Six months later, Bobby showed up at the Door of the Oregon House: emaciated, with bleeding feet. Went through Bobby Almost half of the Country, in Winter, across the Plains, mountains, Deserts, swamps, Rivers and Lakes, to be with Their owners – it is Estimated That in the day he had to go about 23 km. His Story is so Moved by the Americans, what About Bobby even silent Made A Film “Call of the West” and put A few monuments in Silverton, and after HIM there is Still Held annually Children’s Parade.


6. Tony Cocker Spaniel

Distance: 400 km
Missing From: five weeks

In 1945 the Family Moved Dulen from Aurora, Illinois, A Small Town in East Lansing, Michigan. cocker spaniel Black, Tony, it WAS Decided not to Take with you, and Leave to Live with friends in His hometown. Tony, Unable to Endure A Betrayal such, friends and Family did not stay A few days after the Leaving Home, too, Disappeared. After five weeks, Mr.Dulen, Returning Home from work, I saw the disheveled, dirty and bad Dog, Similar to Tony: His tail wagged Dog and barked joyfully. Mr. Dulen first doubted that it was his Tony, but when I saw the address badge on the collar, it could be no doubt – it was a pet, which has since never left and always carried with him.


7. Parrot Yosuke

Distance: Unknown
Missing From: Unknown

When the Japanese Yosuke the parrot Got Tired of Sitting in His cell, he Simply Flew out of her window. Greater Tokyo, HOWEVER, seemed less comfortable than Yosuke cells and very soon the Prodigal parrot wanted to go Home. When the Police found A parrot on the roof of one of the houses of Tokyo and was taken to the vet, Yosuke clearly as he had been taught, called his name: “My name Yosuke Nakamura,” address, and then played a few happy songs, adding to it a request to Take Home HIM. Family, When there CAME A parrot, WAS very pleased That two years spent in vain not for something to teach These Important Yosuke Said.


8. Self-pedigree cats Emily

Distance: 7300 km
Missing From: Unknown

Leslie and Donnie MakElini of Eppltauna, Wisconsin, found Somehow Their One year old cat Emily Disappeared. As it Turned out, Emily accidentally while walking jumped into A container with waste paper, Which, in Turn, Stood in the back of A truck, Which Went to Chicago to go from there to Belgium and then to France. There’s something Emily and found the employees paper-processing Plant, exhausted and dying of Thirst. Fortunately, Emily WAS A collar with an address tag, and Quickly Returned Home, Sending flight Continental Airlines.


9. Jack Russell Terrier Jarvis

Distance: Unknown, But Take the Ferry
Missing From: two days

The Restless Hostess Jack Russell Jarvis Jarvis Lost When it Rushed for A Bird in the bushes until She WAS two years granddaughter Walk in the park in Cornwall. Both most sought Called and Jarvis, to no avail But, so Home in Devon, They HAD to Return without A Dog.Along the way They hung ad and responded the woman Called to One and Said That HAD Jarvis Seen on the Ferry from Cornwall to Plymouth. Do not have time to hang up the hosts, as found Jarvis quietly mincing Home from the Ferry.

Why is this happening?

Marc Bekoff, A behavioral ecologist at the University of Colorado, CAN not explain this Phenomenon: “Pets are never Examined for Their Navigation in space. Another thing – the migratory species: Birds, Turtles, Insects. Yes, we do know That They Find their way home by the sun, are oriented along the Earth’s magnetic poles, as well as using olfactory signals. “

Dr. Bradshaw from the University of Cambridge, as well as Other colleagues, Suggests That the FACT Most Dogs That Find Their way Home, Due to Their kinship with Wolves, and Those oriented to the Ground using magnetic signals. A cat, on the Contrary, very good smell the smell, even for many miles, and go to him, cutting off distance.

National Geographic and the University of Georgia in 2011 Created A new STUDY – Kitty Cams Project , Allowing to See the secret Life of A cat. 55 Home favorite of the collar Fastened Small Cameras That filmed the cat and it Went See WHERE. In Particular, the survey found that some cats live in two houses (as their owners are unaware): one, they get food, and in another, say, love and affection.

In 1954 in Germany conducted a different experience: cats were placed in a round maze located therein output every 15 °. So Most cats chose A way out, Closest to Home. The only problem – if the Labyrinth set at A Distance of more than five miles from home, “accuracy” of cats and they started falling out in any other outputs.

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