Speculative but Amazing Climbing Walls

Every mountaineer or climber has to learn the basic climbing tricks on the climbing walls. These climbing walls with the passage of time and advancement of technology are becoming bigger and larger in size. It’s not a play of children to start climbing on these walls. Even the most daring one’s have to think a lot  before starting.

1) Alice in Wonderland Climbing Wall (Japan) –

This climbing wall though beautiful but is extremely difficult to climb. A firm named Nendo designed it.

Alice in Wonderland Climbing Wall (Japan)2)World’s Tallest Climbing Wall (Netherlands) –

The Excalibur Climbing Tower of Groningen is about 121 ft tall and has overhang of 36 ft.

World's Tallest Climbing Wall (Netherlands)3) 500ft Climbing Wall (Switzerland) –

This is a dam in operation and is also the world’s largest climbing wall with a mammoth height of 540 ft. this is known as Diga Di Luzzone and is bolted in the year 1990 for climbing.


500ft Climbing Wall (Switzerland)4) Campus Climbing Wall (Netherlands) –

Architecture Arons & Gelauff Architecten designed this climbing wall which is like a gift for local mountaineering club.

Campus Climbing Wall (Netherlands)5) Silo Climbing Wall –

The city of Amsterdam hold a competition to find the best reuse project for this silo. And the winner was Amsterdam based NL architects who proposed to convert the silos into the climbing towers.

Silo Climbing Wall6) On Wall –

Climbing Project (Japan) – this simple looking climbing wall is a beautiful mixture of lights, objects and other climbing stuffs.

On Wall – Climbing Project (Japan)7) Inflatable Climbing Wall –

If you want to climb a 20ft iceberg that floats on water then you have to come here.

Inflatable Climbing Wall8) Extreme Edge Climbing Wall (New Zealand) –

This beautifully designed wall is the largest of its kind in the whole continent. It is located in Auckland.

Extreme Edge Climbing Wall (New Zealand)9) Climb up –

If you want to build any climbing wall in your city then you can contact the climb up team on climb up.co.in .


10) New Climbing Wall (England)  –

This climbing wall is made in Harrogate, England. It has 1044 sq. m. of built up area and offers 63 climbing lines.



11) Largest Outdoor Climbing Wall in Central Europe –

This climbing wall is currently the largest outdoor climbing wall in Central Europe.

Largest Outdoor Climbing Wall in Central Europe (Czech Republic)

12) Marymoor Park Climbing Wall (WASHINGTON,US)-

Marymoor Park, located on the north end of Lake Sammamish in Redmond, Washington, is King County’s largest, oldest, and most popular park, with more than 3 million annual visitors coming to roam its 640 acres (2.6 km2).

Marymoor Park Climbing Wall (Washintong, US)

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