Apr 18, 2014

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Squirrels – Serious Fight For A Nut…

Fur is flying in all directions, the beeping noise and flies farther. Battle for the nut between two hungry squirrels is in full swing here. Photographer Andre Morozov made these photos in Ontario, Canada. “I’ve never seen anything like it, – he says. – It’s like a movie shots of martial arts. “
1. The reason the battle is quietly on the edge of the stump, until whites decide who deserves to have this nut. (Andre Bell / GUZELIAN)
Serious Struggle For A Nut... (1)

2. Push out the enemy from hemp – the main task.

Serious Struggle For A Nut... (2)
3. When it comes to food, passions run to out of limit.

Serious Struggle For A Nut... (3)

4. It seems that the winner is determined.

Serious Struggle For A Nut... (4)

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