Stairs on a Tree Francois Mechain

In the Italian writer Italo Calvino is a novel “Baron in the Trees”, the protagonist is 12 years old, protesting boiled snails fed every day for dinner, climbs a tree and decides to spend all his life, putting it a rule never to touch the ground. Inspired by this work, the artist Francois Mechain created a fascinating installation of a variety of ladders, hanging from a spreading crown of the tree.



Installation «L’arbre aux échelles» exhibited from 2009 to 2011 in a French park Parc du Château. According to the author, the installation should inspire viewers out to explore the world around us, soar and be able to survey the neighborhood from a height. This is a kind of symbol of spiritual aspirations of man, his lofty dreams.



Surrealistic always attracts attention, perhaps, many immediately have a desire to climb to the top, to dive into the foliage spreading crown and forget about the worldly cares, who stayed on the ground.


Photos rope ladders, stretching into the sky, a mystical look, at least intriguing look at the stairs to leave the building , imprinted art photographer Christian Richter.


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