Staying Alive, Miracle Man of the Pacific – A Fisherman

This is the first photo of the “miracle man of the Pacific” – a fisherman who survived by eating more than a year the blood of turtles, fish and meat raw seagulls until he drifted in the waters of the great ocean.

Jose Salvador Albanyaga Ivan could even smile reporters from MailOnline, he when he arrived at the port on the Marshall Islands.
“I’m alive, I’m alive, I just can not believe it,” – he said.
When he was questioned about the ordeal through that he had to go, he replied: “I remember almost nothing. All thoughts werereduced to one-ocean, ocean everywhere. “

Jose along with a young hunter sharks had to go very ordeal after their boat engine broke down December 21, 2012.
All their efforts to attract the attention of other ships were in vain, they are still drifting in the open ocean. In the eyes of his assistant Jose died, which was about 15-18 years. Jose week after week, month after month, fighting for his life, eating raw fish and meat gulls and quenching thirst own urine.
When he came to the marina, he said: “I survived because I was praying. All this time I prayed constantly. ” He thinks that only faith helped him survive, but it’s also an enormous thirst for life, where he could catch turtles and drink their blood, when there was rain water, seagulls eat meat and raw fish.
“I am grateful to God for the I survived, “- he said after his travels about 8,000 miles a dangerous ocean, struggling with bad weather, all alone in my thoughts about his family and homeland.

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After Jose was in the hospital, he said he wanted to call his family-his wife and daughter a decade in El Salvador, but he does not remember a phone number or name of the village where he lived. Man does not remember much, even how many years he. He thinks he’s 36-38, although because of the ordeal that he had to go, he looks much older.
“He seemed to us, at the same time he seemed far away. He still disoriented, “says translator.
Majuro he arrived on a military ship, the crew members who found a man on one of the coral islands.

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Locals Islands Ebon, who found Jose, a man plunged into a boat and taken to the main village, which gave him clothes, drink and fed him.
student of anthropology from Norway, Ola Fildshtadt, was able to understand some of his unusual history through his drawings andsign language.

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Then the head of the village was contacted by a single phone on the island with the authorities in Majuro and reported results man.Jose and his dark beard and matted hair was strikingly similar to the hero of the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away”. Details stories Jose soon learned the whole world. However, he is not Jose looked exhausted after such a harsh adventure.
José Blood pressure was low, he moved with caution, but the big concern is not his physical and mental state. Maybe soon it will torment the consequences of constant fear of death, in which he was, starvation and lack of water. That he saw the death of his young assistant, only exacerbates the situation.

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He needs complete rest until the authorities of El Salvador preparing for his sending planes to his wife and daughter. No wonder he does not remember the details of his journey, after all that he had seen the boat and is a vast ocean. But prolonged rest will help him recover and remember the details.
A person can live three weeks without food, but only 3-5 days without water. Turtle blood is rich in iron and protein and nutritionally it can be compared to a piece of meat or fish or eggs, but it is a poor substitute for drinking water. Most likely he had to eat cherpashi eyes, as they have a liquid.

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Says a local resident of the Marshall Islands, in his experience, most people die in these situations, as they are unable to eat rawfood, they kept throwing up. Maybe that’s why he died assistant Jose.

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In an interview with MailOnline, he said that there’s only one thing he can think of now. “I just want to go home, but I do not know where I am. I’m tired and I feel bad. I really want to be home, but how to do it? … “. Then, showing that he has not lost his sense of humor, he added. “If anyone will return me home, then I’m sure my boss (the owner of the boat) will pay.”
Many people find themselves in a similar situation, did not survive. For example, two Panamanian fisherman died from heat and dehydration after 28 days of exposure in the open ocean.
However, there were still happy occasions. In 2006, three Mexican drifted near the Marshall Islands, were able to survive by eating raw fish 9 months, birds and rainwater.

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