Strange Odd Invention For Baby Birth Time

Ohh thats really strange but important too. at the time of birth lots of baby face death due to some mishappening naturally so may be  that will save by the new tools see this…..Medical tool – a birthing invention made by car mechanic to save new life.

Jorge Odón isn’t the first auto mechanic to ever come up with an idea for a new product, but he’s probably the first one in his field to invent a medical device meant to save a baby’s life at birth.

His idea was first hatched in 2007, when Odón, of Argentina, watched a YouTube video on how to retrieve a cork from inside a wine bottle. The trick worked by stuffing a plastic bag inside the bottle and blowing into it. As the bag expanded, it trapped the cork and the demonstrator was able to pull out the bag, along with the cork. That night, Odón was struck with inspiration during a dream: What if the same extracting method could be used during childbirth for babies stuck in the birth canal? According to an interview Odón, 59, gave The New York Times this week, he then woke up his wife and excitedly shared his vision, to which she replied that said he “was crazy and went back to sleep.”

He recounts in the Times story, he was undeterred and got to work shorty after, building a prototype in his kitchen, using a glass jar in place of a womb, his daughter’s doll for the baby, and a fabric sleeve and bag that he asked his wife to sew. The contraption, called the Odón Device, works like this: A doctor fits a plastic bag inside a lubricated plastic sleeve and fits it around the baby’s head. The bag is then inflated, allowing it to grip on the baby head, pulling until it’s emerged from the birth canal.

Strange Odd Invention For Baby Birth Time

Source: yahoo shine