Street Art’s Best Placement Ever

In our day to day life we come across hundreds of live examples of street painting and all are made for some meaning. Some attract the attention while others remain ineffective. To grab the attention of people, these street arts should be placed wisely. And here we are presenting some of the best placed street arts before you. 1) Face of the city –

This wall painting is must watched since it has green leaves as its hairs. Created by Fauxreel.

Street Art’s Best Placement Ever2)  Abduction –

Look at this tiny space ship which is spreading the dangerous sun light. Created by KIMERA.

Street Art’s Best Placement Ever3) Cheerleader –

This cute pink cheer leader has the natural grass tufts as her stencils. . Created by Sandrine Estrade Boulet.

Street Art’s Best Placement Ever4) Water Pixel –

This amazing design was photographed by Annamarie Tendler in NYC east village.

Street Art’s Best Placement Ever5) Ninja Turtles –

See the ninjas are in real.

Street Art’s Best Placement Ever6) Masking Tape Hand –

This is designed by the Australian Graffiti artist BuffDiss who made a huge hand with the masking tape.

Street Art’s Best Placement Ever7) Killed –

This white shadow thief was finally caught by the police and killed.

Street Art’s Best Placement Ever8) Girl in the slide –

White one was caught but this black shadow girl is still in the streets.

Street Art’s Best Placement Ever9) Divine Lovers  –

You can still find the passionate lovers not in real but on the streets of New York. 10) Notorious Rat –

The rat was trying to kill its creator. What a shameful practice!

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