Creativity – Stunning Art by Alexa Mead

Her art is like asking us : Do you believe your eyes?
Many artists painted models, but Alex Meade engaged in creative work quite differently. First she sprayed live models. Then the artist photographs them in a way that we can only wonder:  Is this a art? Or is it reality?


Creativity Alexa Mead1. “Jamie,” Revealing the secrets of this portrait, when that was lunch. It took the artist some time. Since Jamie is working in an art gallery, her colleagues were not surprised that she returned from lunch all in the paint. The next picture shows us what they saw.
Creativity Alexa Mead2. Alex Meade said  “The relationship between the artist and his model is really interesting,” , talking about his job. The artist is very keen on working with the shadow. At first, she painted shadows on the grass, then decided to portray the same thing on human body. According to her, it feels amazing sensations that are really difficult to pass.
Creativity Alexa Mead3.  Mead Said  “I wanted to do something in a plain style, but not in black – white,” . The result was a portrait of a man, painted with various shades of blue.  the artist noticed that there is nothing better than working with a model in this way.
Creativity Alexa Mead4. Alex Meade painted on a live model in a contemporary art gallery in Washington Irving. In her work she combines several areas: painting, photography and representation of the model. The easiest to photograph, but this is only part of the work. Mead personally prefer to shoot people on camera. She photographed the models in such a way as to give the viewer a feeling of unity with its “living paintings”.
Creativity Alexa Mead5. This is the first self-portrait by Alexa Mead. His appearance made the artist a lot to think about his work. When creating a portrait, Meade used the same approach as in the work with his models. Initially, it dealt in a paint, and then photographed.
Creativity Alexa Mead6. Another model is the curator Alexa Mead National Portrait Gallery in Washington. Behind her hangs a portrait of  “Jamie.” Looking at this work, it seems that you are in the hall, completely studded mirrors, which reflect our reality.
Creativity Alexa Mead1. This portrait of Alex Meade produced for its first exhibition.  She said “The first time it made me shudder with horror. In their further work I had to avoid the mistakes which I made while working with him, “
Creativity Alexa Mead8. In the portrait she is a sister of Alexa Mead.  she said ,one of the worst  model. In one of the photos, even my sister was asleep. Mead began working with artist in 2009. and her models are from friends and family members. They sat for hours, covered with paint, without experiencing great joy. Although, according to Mead, it was not too uncomfortable. Today, the artist has a rather impressive list of applicants being her models.
Creativity Alexa Mead9. For this self-portrait art Meade used the tape to help you apply the paint on the right side of the body. This proved to be an easy task. Proved much more difficult to photograph. To exit the picture as it was conceived, she used a camera with a timer.Through trial and error she made the desired result.   Although, she admitted that she is not trained in any art or photography.
Creativity Alexa Mead10. Alex Meade said “When we look at any thing, we have a perception of its own,”  This is her job called «reverse trompeloeil»   she plays with the perception of the viewer, when a live model, painted and photographed, to give the paint itself. Mead majored in political science at Vassar. She worked as a senior press – assistant Obama.  Although her lifelong dream was artistry.
Creativity Alexa Mead11. To make this portrait, Mead had invited one of his favorite models. Name of the film comes from the fact that the artist painted lines on the body and in the background.
Creativity Alexa Mead12. Painted model, which lies on the real grass, Mead Said “I wanted to bring the texture of the grass”.
Creativity Alexa Mead13. Mead said  “It was one of my most fun work,”   “The model we have found in the subway. Many came to the confusion, but no one has expressed his displeasure. Many passengers could not take his eyes off him. “
Creativity Alexa Mead14. The model depicted in the portrait, name is Victoria. According to Mead, In order to enhance its visual impact on the city streets, the artist drew on her spectacular outfit.
Creativity Alexa Mead15.  The artist poses with a model  Victoria F. Gaitán. It seems that it will absorb the “living” portrait of the model.
Creativity Alexa Mead16. Mead Works –  continuous layers, layers of paint, layers of perception.  she said “In this painting, I first covered the entire surface with white paint, and then created the painting from memory,.
Creativity Alexa Mead17. Alex Meade  photographed model in the studio of contemporary art in Washington Irving. She claims that she do not use Photoshop in her work.
Creativity Alexa Mead18. In this picture we see that Alex Meade drew only the front part of the model, but when viewed from any angle, everything looks flat.
Creativity Alexa Mead19. Mead Said “When you work with this model, it has been installed video camera,”  The camera image is transferred to the monitor model, so he could see himself on TV.
Creativity Alexa Mead20. This is one of Mead’s recent work. she said  “I wanted the colors were very vivid, exciting,”. “There are many places where I have been working on their projects in a conventional manner.