Stunning drawings from ballpoint pen by Marite Desaine

The young Latvian artist Marite Desaine Three years ago just, She Graduated from art School in yaw, But have since Managed to Achieve Significant Progress in the field of Fine arts. It is an excellent proof of the FACT That A True artist CAN Equally well Any use materials and tools – Whether watercolor painting and Digital illustration, Which She Created Already done. But it is Necessary to Mention the delightful work, create A simple Ballpoint pen.

Using such A common tool, it is Possible to create stunning illustrations. Not only That, They are beautiful, Colorful and very realistic, These Jobs are Created in A Special bar technique.Looking Closely, you Will Notice That each such drawing Marita FOLLOWS the General Lines and waves, Which Gives A Special it integrity and movement. Thanks to this technique illustrations radiate warmth, filled with charming Light and Beauty.

Rate non-positive artist Talent and work in Other Vehicles CAN be on her Page on devianART .



1. “In the Night” (Into the Night). Took 28 hours.


2. “feel Alive” (Feel Alive). Took 32 hours.


3. “Follow your heart» (Follow your heart).


4. “Spirited Away» (Spirited Away).


5. Home is WHERE your heart (Home Is Where Your Heart Is). Took 19 hours.


6. “After the Storm” (After the storm). Took 18 hours.


7. “Winter wings” (Winter Winds). Took 29 hours.


8. “Free Spirit” (Free Spirit). Took 31 hours.


9. «Sonder»

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