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Stunning Statues Of The World.

Traveling to other countries, it is impossible not to draw attention to the work of talented sculptors who create pieces of stone and metal work of art. In this collection,You will see the best masterpieces of the human imagination that adorned the streets of cities around the globe.

1. Poet Mihai Eminescu, Romania
Mihai Eminescu name today is holy to any Romanian or Moldovan. In honor of him and they installed the sculpture, which is even more beautiful at sunset.

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2. Mustangs of Las Colinas, U.S. 
size bronze mustangs and a half times larger than the actual size. The basic idea of the sculpture – transmit a driving force initiative and unfettered spirit, which were inherent in Texas during the period of its development.

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3. Expansion, USA 
This is an amazing composition is currently considered one of the greatest masterpieces of modern art. Sculptor Paige Bradley says “Expansion” was the result of its reflection on the critical attitude of the public to the sculptures depicting human.

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4.Transition, Poland 
Poland – a country whose share fell many difficulties and hardships. This monument is dedicated to the victims of the enactment of martial law.

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5. Hippopotamus, Taiwan 
Sculpture hippos at the Taipei Zoo is a sign of how important to protect wildlife.

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6. Shoes on the Danube, Hungary 
Monument shot Jews of Hungary. It was established in 2005.

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7. Dwarfs, Poland 
Bronze figurines of these little people – one of the main attractions of the Polish Wroclaw. An old legend (as without it) states that once their was dwarf  with orange hat roaming through the town. And where it starts began to appear gnomes that soon turned into living beings.

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8. Freedom, United States 
City sculpture Zenos Frudakisa depicts one person who stands out and step separated from the gray mass of faces, hands and feet.

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9. Bathing Boys, Singapore 
Bathing Boys “are part of a series of monuments« People of the River », which chronicled the early life of residents, who settled along the river.

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10. Memorial to the Jews, Krakow 
Chairs are reminded that during the expulsion of the Jews in the ghetto, street takeaway all the furniture from their homes, so that no one in the house hid babies

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11. Monument plumbing Chumil, Slovakia 
In fact, Chumil reminds residents of Bratislava on their historical past, when during the Second World War, people were forced to hide in the sewers.

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12. Sculpture salmon, USA 
Salmon Sculpture in Portland broke through one of the city’s buildings.

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13. Lions, UK 
Black Lions by a professional sculptor Kendra Heist guard the Tower of London from uninvited guests.

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14. Spider, UK 
9-foot sculpture made ​​of bronze, stainless steel and marble, appeared in London in 2007. “This spider is a dedication to my mother who was my best friend – says Louise Bourgeois sculptures. - Like a spider, she was a weaver. “

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15. Joke on the police, Belgium 
Author masterpiece – a cheerful and talented Belgian sculptor Tom Frantzen.

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16. Giant horse Kelpies, Scotland 
construction lasted seven years. Sculptures reach a height of 30 meters and marks a succession of Scottish industry and the economy of the dray horses pulling wagons, plows and barges.

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17. Freedom Road, Vilnius
“Freedom Road” – a sculpture dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the Restoration of the Lithuanian State and inviting all residents to continue the path of freedom and unity.


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18.  Telephone booths, UK 
Sculpture created from decommissioned red telephone booths classical model K6. It marks the symbol of the era, which, unfortunately, leaves in the past, because machines replace mobile phones.

Stunning Statues Of The World (18)

19. Emigrants, Ireland 
The Great Famine in Ireland left an indelible mark in the history of the country. In the few years of famine she lost 20-25% of their population. Victims of this horror and dedicated a monument in the center of Dublin.

Stunning Statues Of The World (19)

20. Lovers dragons, Bulgaria 
as the author of the monument sculptor Lazarov, fairy-tale characters he created, in order to please the kids Its very close to the pool, where children are trained.

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