Sue Austin performs in the world’s first underwater wheelchair

1. An artist will perform underwater acrobatics in a customised wheelchair this week as part of the Cultural Olympiad celebrations.

2. In the lead-up to the Paralympic Games Ms Austin has staged a series of stunning underwater scuba performances called ‘Creating the Spectacle!

3. Creating the Spectacle!’ is part of the Cultural Olympiad celebrations.

4. Sue and her wheelchair swim in live art events at Osprey Leisure Centre in Weymouth on 29 August to 1 September, the start of the London 2012.

5. She will also be demonstrating what it can do at the London 2012 Festival. As well as the live events.

6. Sue said: “I’m thrilled that lots of people have been inspired by the project already, many of them telling me how seeing the wheelchair underwater

7. We’ve created something new and exciting and it’s really getting people talking. As a result, they’re realising that viewing the world.

8. The exhibition called ‘Creating the Spectacle!’ is funded by Unlimited, an Arts Council program that celebrates the work of disabled artists.