Suitcase, where you can get to the airport

Do you want to travel to your airport, without worrying about taxi availability and traffic situations, here is an ultimate product that has made me wonder about the possibilities of living alone.


Unusual invention are sometimes very practical. It happened in the case of a Chinese farmer who developed a motorized suitcase with an electric motor. On this strange vehicle can move two people. In this case can reach speeds up to 20 km / h and travel on a single charge of about 60 km. This is enough to get to work or to the airport, and, more importantly, taking with him all the necessary things. Motochemodan weighs only 7 kg, and luggage space is no different than the capacity of the ordinary suitcase.


Created propelled suitcase farmer Not Liang of the Chinese province of Hunan. This may seem strange, but technical education does not have. The idea of ​​creating motochemodana came to him after one day he forgot at home my luggage during a trip prize, which he was to be given for Liang developed security system for cars.


Chinese folk craftsman worked on the concept of a suitcase-bike for 10 years. According to the China Times, a farmer and inventor received a patent for his invention, and hopes to see it on the roads.