Suitcase as Art Object

In early November, as Part of the Night of Arts European Street Art Stars Took Part in the Festival of Street Art Live Painting Moscow, Organized Tours Service of unusual worldwide at the Site of the Museum of Moscow.

Visitors were able to meet not only with the world stars of street art Seth and Stew, but also with representatives of the new generation of street art Theo Lopez, Lapin Thur, Olivia de Bona and Hopnn, who have already conquered the international audience for his work.

On the day of the museum area Became an Art Studio. And one of the Most enjoyable Events of the Event WAS A Master class of Artists painting on suitcases with the support of Search Engine Flights Aviasales . Every visitor Could Bring A suitcase That Turned Street Artists into street art object.

Look, as it were.



1. Because of the name, many in the Street Art World Take for Russian Yuri, Although the artist Himself – blooded Italian, Graduated in Rome School of Fine Arts. It WAS in Rome, Yuri REALIZED That the Leitmotif of His work Will BE. Bicycles ..! The artist in His collages and Drawings pays great Attention to Environmental Issues and His favorite mode of Transport and safety. Yuri Grew up in A Family WHERE everyone loved Russian culture, and therefore, the artist is Interested in it since Childhood. During Live Painting Moscow Yuri depicted on suitcases their branded characters on bicycles.



2. Painter, sculptor, designer, street artist, popular party creative street art collective 9ème Concept – it’s all Lapin Thur.





3. His style is Easily recognizable by the enigmatic, Almost Fabulous black-and-white Drawings of geometric Forms and painstakingly Laid down in each line. In the eyes of visitors Lapin Thur demonstrated how using A stencil Made from Ordinary suitcases Street Art masterpiece.






5. A Brunette with hot temper Olivia de Bona – the only Girl in the popular creative Street Art Collective 9ème Concept. It CAN BE Easily Recognized by Their Playful style, Vivid characters and A positive Mood.



6. The main Elements of Inspiration Olivia de Bona – flora and fauna. To Live Painting Moscow artist depicted on suitcases Cute characters in Warm Fur coat.








9. Member of the popular creative Street Art Collective 9ème Concept Theo Lopez participated in A Variety of Street-Art projects around the World, so much to know About Travel. Theo holds A Variety of techniques of Street Art. He WAS subject to and teip Art and stencils and acrylic paint, and cans, and even ancient technique of painting on water Ebru.To Live Painting Moscow artist demonstrated how CAN A suitcase simultaneously use All available Technology.



10. The Artists by themselves have Been enjoying this Master class, painted bags to everyone, and Besides the, even T-shirts and Sneakers to Those WHO USED are traveling to Light. So Those WHO are Frightened by the weather, envy Those Lucky!





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