Surprising Animals of 2014

Over the past month had accumulated some interesting stories about unusual animals. Talk about each – not enough any time. But once read about all the fun!

Emerald cat

The most recent cat of the day – Emerald handsome from Bulgaria. His pelt gave an amazing tone is not photoshop and paint, in which the cat slept in the garage, and so it did not change the place of rest. Cat often seen on the streets of the city of Varna, and even has shown to tourists as a local landmark.


People thought that the paint can harm the animal, but as long as the cat is alive and well. And even eat properly. And now, thanks to its popularity will live, apparently, and did great.


Turtle on wheels

This cherepashonok surprised not by itself, but the fact that he grew up in creative owners.Tormented by compassion to the poor fellow, who moved an hour on a teaspoon, they are attached to the wheels of turtles Bellies children’s designer. Now the kid cut circles around the apartment like a real fellow ninja from the animated film about fighting turtles.




In fact, the bug is not just awarded wheels, not a bad whim of the owner. Perebolev distemper, kid nicknamed Blade could not move at all, his legs weakened. And vet Carsten Plischke and his wife decided to leave the boy.




This is a wonderful animal to show their talents around the world. Not surprisingly, we wonder (pardon the pun). Nature is abundant and versatile. A lot of what awaits us on the turns of life.


Monty – cute baby-seal faces with a strange structure

And this little Monty, born without a septum. Awesome and cute cat good-natured and bold. His love not only the owners, but also the entire Internet.


Lives cat owners in Copenhagen, which took him from a shelter. Monty sometimes hard to breathe, he often sneezes. But he is being treated and are very fond of.



Sailing owl

Photographer Steve Spitzer from Chicago saw and captured the incredible fact: floating on the lake in the park eared owl Loyola.



Actually, this is a night bird, – writes Steve – and it is strange that she was not afraid of water.However, this is probably awakened the dormant areas of the brain of the animal. After the owl had to flee from the Falcons, who live here, this is their territory. ”


The bird attacked two peregrine falcon, eagle owl and resorted to saving with water. Photographer in amazement watching the owl zealously swam breaststroke and generally violated all laws beingness owls.

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