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odd interview questions

11 Odd Interview Question of 2011

Most anxiety part of any job is the interview,i think people who are fed up of giving it they know it very well…Because Today’s savvy employers have moved beyond the archetypal “Tell me where you see yourself in five years” kind of query to more sophisticated and even quirky questions that can help them quickly discern whether a candidate is the right person for the job and the organization. By seeing that Glassdoor, an online jobs and career forum, has compiled its annual list of Top 11 Oddball Interview Questions based on the tens of thousands of submissions from job candidates during the past year. Have a look at it and Be prepared….. Continue reading


Amazing Photography of Mechanical Doll by Tim Walker

‘Mechanical Dolls’ editorial was captured by photographer Tim Walker for the October issue of Vogue Italia 2011 which features the adorable pairing of Audrey Marnay and Kirsi Pyrhonen. The twosome plays dress up complete with pale faces, moustaches and painted on eyebrows. Outfit collection was from Alberta Ferretti, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney and Kenzo. The photography is done in such a way that it’s impossible to detect that there are real girls in form of dolls. Continue reading

bridge party

Suspended Jaccuzzi Party Under The Bridge

Taking the plunge: Daredevils dangled 500ft from the ground and 120ft from the Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland as they took part in an extreme jacuzzi’ stunt.  Dangling: The jacuzzi suspended from the bridge with steel cables and ropes and took 2,500 hours to plan for just 2.5 hours in the jacuzzi.Party: The group, who kept warm using a gas powered system, celebrated with drinking champagne and eating cake. Continue reading