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Most Viewed Images Wikipedia for 2012 (11)

Most Viewed Images of The Year Wikipedia for 2012

A few days ago  the winners of the seventh annual contest of most viewed images of the year are announced. With more than 3,990 votes, Pierre Dal (user: Kookburra 81) took home the top award for his picture of European bee-eaters.
1 round of voting began in mid-January, and the 2nd round – at the beginning of February. Considered photos were chosen among the chosen images in 2012 (more than 750 photos). Continue reading

chritsmas decoration

Christmas Decoration by Your Hands…

New Year – a holiday of magic and dreams come true. Naturally, you want to remember this day for a long time and was very special. What could be more special than decorating a Christmas tree with your own things? After all, Christmas tree – the Queen of the New Year. A Queen to decorate special. Here are some ideas for making the original Christmas tree decorations by your own.. beautifully have a look… Continue reading


12 Most Memorable Photos of Hurricane Sandy – New York 2012

Hurricane Sandy covered the north-east coast of the United States, leaving behind a legacy in the form of floods, fires, fallen trees and millions of people left without electricity. Director of the municipal electricity company in New York has said that it is “the most massive power outage due to a natural disaster.” Now that the worst seems to be behind us, let’s look at the photos of the chaos left by Sandy as people battered elements of cities trying to get back to the familiar life. Continue reading


Faces of Fear In Frame…

Remember the post about the panic room in the Canadian Niagara Falls? The faces of the visitors was a genuinly horror. In Los Angeles, we have a similar institution. It’s called “Dark Harbor Queen Mary” and consists 6 different mazes. As a result, the photographer, dressed all in black, hid behind one of the corners with a camera at ready stage. And took the great photos of real, genuine horror  faces of visitors. Continue reading


Retro Costumes For Halloween

Halloween is around the corner. Many have already prepared costumes, masks and make-up in order to meet the holiday on the dance floors of night clubs and parties. But earlier on Halloween costumes were quite different. There was not a sexy nurse or cute vampirchik or pirates. We offer you a look at a selection of retro pictures of costumes from past. I must say, some of them are really appealing. Continue reading