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Incredible Sweets For Tea On The 3D-Printer (28)

Incredible Sweets For Tea On The 3D-Printer

Gradually introduced into our lives 3D-printers, using already published a number of different models, parts and valuable devices. However, the company 3D Systems, which just focuses on bulk printing technology, introduced two models of 3D-printers, combined in series ChefJet. A key feature of these devices is that they printed objects you can eat. CHECK OUT THE 3D SWEETS FOR TEA…. Continue reading

Amazing Sculptures Made ​​of Car Tires (7)

Amazing Sculptures Made ​​of Car Tires

Korean sculptor Yong Ho Ji (Yong Ho Ji) creates his extraordinary sculptures of animals and monsters from the conventional tires. The process itself is very complex sculptures and laborious and sometimes takes more than three months of daily labor. Initially Jong makes a skeleton of what animal in his intended position, and then meticulously clings sculpture stripes tires, like a real surgeon collects his patient on the operating table, but so skillfully that it is possible to study anatomy, muscle structure and their work. Continue reading

Some Different Wooden Sculpture (5)

Some Different Wooden Sculpture

Japanese artist-sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemak, carves life-size figures of the camphor tree.
Japanese with their creativity tried to convey to mankind the idea that nothing lasts forever. Youth passes, old age too. Sooner or later we will all become a bunch of white bones, unidentifiable. And that is no reason for discouragement, and a signal that you need to appreciate the time. Every minute passes without a trace. From it has neither skeletons nor sad mound in the cemetery, where it would bring flowers. check this… Continue reading

Watermelon Like You’ve Never Seen It Before (4)

Watermelon Like You’ve Never Seen It Before…

Some fruits are lovely to eat but what if we need to put good art on it Artist Clive Cooper of Sparksfly Design saw beauty in the rinds and got to work carving sculptures out of the fruit before digging in. “As watermelons are usually beautifully carved food and catering type displays, I thought it might be interesting to try sculpting my watermelons in a more ‘pumpkin-oriented’ style,” Cooper said. He took the traditionally more ghoulish figures used on pumpkins and applied them to the sweet watermelon for a unique combination…. Continue reading

Fabulous Scenery On Women (17)

Fabulous Scenery On Women

John Poppleton – A Great photographer and artist who knows how to show beauty of nature and women, He creates it. Basically specializes in landscapes. However, unlike other artists, he chose not the most common, but definitely one of the most beautiful canvases – the female body. As if that were not enough, he draws fluorescent dyes, so that when the landscape is completed, he photographed it with the “canvas” on a black background, creating a unique, sophisticated and almost divine beauty. Continue reading