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Amazing Feather Paintings (3)

Incredible and Beautiful Hand Painted Feathers – I Surprise, How much time to take paint a feather…

Art has a world of its own and that world is very large. The space of creativity and imagination cannot be defined. This beautiful painting art on feathers proves it. It is impossible to think that how much time this art takes to complete. These paintings are so beautiful and attractive that it surely gazes your attention. Scroll down to have a look….

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Tyre Sculptures (29)

Stunning and Unique Art Made Out of Garbage

Using your imaginations and creativity is the most respected and interesting work, but if it is done in some different manner it will surely seek everyone attention. Some people sometimes do such a thing that it leaves everyone surprised and amazed. In this sequence we are introducing you to an art which is not very common. Making Tyre sculpture is unique and interesting in itself. It becomes more appreciated when it is done by using recycled tyres. It shows the peak of imaginatively and creativity of a person. So it is an art raised by using garbage. Here are some amazing and wonderful pictures of this unique art. Just have a look. Continue reading

Beautiful Wooden Sculptures (49)

Creative and Attractive Sculptures of Wood

Home is the best dwelling place. Everyone want his dwelling place to be the most beautiful and peaceful place in the world. In order to increase its beauty, decoration & interior plays an important role. Wooden sculptures prove themselves promising when it comes to decoration. Now a days many beautiful and attractive, creative wooden sculpture are available in market. So just to give you ideas, here are the pictures of wonderful wooden sculptures. Continue reading

10 Stunning Subway Stations: The perfect blend of Art & Science

A metro station or subway station is a railway station for a rapid transit system, often known by names such as “metro”, “underground” and “subway”. It is often underground or elevated. At crossings of metro lines, they are multi-level. This is a usual definition but with time these stations are getting modern and are becoming the greatest symbols of Art & Science. Continue reading

Hand Shadowgraphy: An Unique and Amazing Art

“Art is man’s expression of his joy in labor.”

This world is full of art and artists and every art is creative in itself. In this sequence we are introducing to an unique are called hand shadowgraphy. This art is a combination of hands and fingers on a blank screen telling you a million stories with complete audio visual effect which may be called “cinema in silhouette”. Continue reading

Unique and Mouthwatering Chocolate Art (pics)

“Food brings people together and there is no better way to celebrate life.”

Chocolate is the most famous food material weather to make it a part of any celebration or to gift it to someone. But do you know chocolate is also used in some artistic works. It is used to make beautiful sculptures,scenery,paintings and other showpieces. You can’t deny the beauty of this unique and delicious art form. So now if you get to see these beautiful chocolate art work anywhere, don’t get confused whether to eat it or see it. Continue reading