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Beaches Are So I Would Like to Be Right Now (12)

Beaches Are So Beautiful I Would Like to Be There Now

Oh, the beaches – no matter how much we may write about them, no matter how many photos we click ,we always like the , one of the most pleasant places on earth, even if it is on the beach in Gelendzhik, not an exotic coast with access to the Caribbean Sea. We bring you the most interesting podborochku beaches in the world. Interesting not only for its beauty and exoticism, but something else. Continue reading

You Will Never See This Live: Sculpture of Flying Paint (11)

You Will Never See This Live: Sculpture of Flying Paint

The founders of the studio Floto + Warner photographers Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Vlotho presented a series of bright landscapes Clourant. Photos show the figures frozen in the air spray paints, which we would never have seen with own eyes – photos taken at a speed of 1 to 3200 seconds. Photographers claim that when they were creating pictures photoshop was not used. According to the authors, the essence of the project is to perpetuate the transient and turn our attention to the transience of life.  Continue reading