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Hummingbird Beautiful Close-UP (9)

Hummingbird Beautiful Close-UP – Chris Morgan

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You Will Never See This Live: Sculpture of Flying Paint (11)

You Will Never See This Live: Sculpture of Flying Paint

The founders of the studio Floto + Warner photographers Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Vlotho presented a series of bright landscapes Clourant. Photos show the figures frozen in the air spray paints, which we would never have seen with own eyes – photos taken at a speed of 1 to 3200 seconds. Photographers claim that when they were creating pictures photoshop was not used. According to the authors, the essence of the project is to perpetuate the transient and turn our attention to the transience of life.  Continue reading

20 Animals Who Can Do Yoga Best Then US (5)

Animals Who Can Do Yoga Best Then US

Ancient spiritual and physical practice of yoga has been done by lots of  people. But this does not mean that the animals do not want to take it up. Moreover, some postures obtained from them even better. I want you to become healthier and fitter. Therefore gathered inspiration for your photos of animals that may well become a yoga instructor. and they can help you as well… Continue reading


Nominees For The “Oscar” With Self?

To celebrate the award “Oscar” this year, the famous American portal people.com sent nominees for the back to the past. Ten famous actors were at one shot with his young projections through photomontage.

We hope this collection will please you nice, because some of the characters have not changed, despite the fact that the time period between “then and now” is 20, and even 30 years. Continue reading

Rabbit Island in Japan (1)

Awesomeness of Rabbit Island in Japan

Okunoshima – a small island located between Hiroshima and Shikoku in the Inland Sea. During World War II, the island was a secret military testing ground for the development of toxic gases and other chemical weapons. Now the island is crowded cute fluffy bunnies, who are the main inhabitants of the island.
Translated especially for fishki.net Now the main inhabitants of the island – these rabbits. Their population has increased to 300 individuals. Island authorities shall ensure that the island did not get dogs, cats and other animals that may threaten the rabbits. The island-700000 square meters. Rabbits can be found in every corner of the island and they are very friendly. They quietly climb on his knees to the people who have something edible. The hotel is located on the island, you can even buy special treats in order to feed the small animals Continue reading

Birth Of Butterfly At My Work Place (12)

Birth Of Butterfly At My Work Place

Girl always wanted to have a pet, but the size of her apartment unfortunately would not allow it. One day she found on her workplace tiny caterpillar, who enjoyed his green lunch. The girl began to observe the process of transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly and an unexpected experience that she will never forget.
She found this lovely guy and just could not get rid of it.

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Some Really Beautiful Gifts Wrapping You Can Use in New Year 2014 (7)

Some Really Beautiful Gifts Wrapping You Can Use in New Year 2014

Dressed as for Christmas tree or for new year, decorated interior, it remains only to issue numerous festive convolution, boxes and bags with gifts and close relatives, friends and loved ones.
You can certainly get rid of the traditional wrapping paper and bows out with decorative ribbon. But, you know, it’s boring and no one remembered. But you can Apply your imagination and and little unexpected handy tools, you can make a unique and very personal Christmas package design or a Christmas gift.
We offer a few simple tips, as beautiful and unusual gift pack. For this New Year 2014. Continue reading

Most Scandalous Star Dresses Year (1)

Most Scandalous Star Dresses Year

Reputable site that specializes in news about celebrities published photos of celebrities dresses that caused massive scandals and discussion this year. I suggest you look at the rating of the most scandalous celebrity dresses for the whole year.
List scandalous dresses made in chronological order – from the beginning of the year to its end. While most of the list is occupied by outfits presented in the winter, namely in February 2013. Among these toilets were dark dress with open back, in which Jennifer Lawrence appeared at the Award Ceremony Independent Spirit Awards; green dress with a cut in the chest area, selected by Katy Perry to visit awarding Grammy; black dress with a plunging neckline, bustier singer Jessie J at Brit Awards. Check out… Continue reading

Coffee Art For Coffee Lovers (25)

Coffee Art For Coffee Lovers

Artist Cheming Fights (Cheeming Boey), finding no paper in hand, made ​​a sketch on a disposable
coffee cup. This idea fascinated master and he began to create drawings on paper plates,
with the usual black marker. This format painting artist practicing since 2006.
His work recognized form of modern art. And the price for cups is 120 – 220 dollars. Continue reading