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Fairytale Wonderland Photographer Kirsty Mitchell (23)

Unique Fairytale Wonderland by Photographer Kirsty Mitchell

This post is dedicated to a truly magical and mystical little project «Wonderland» photographer, designer and fashion designer Kirsty Mitchell (Kirsty Mitchell), her collection of short stories without words is an amazing collection of magical images.
British photographer Kirsty Mitchell started his project in the summer of 2009 and worked on it for over two years, only one picture sometimes took more than a month of hard work.

I Personally love the picture they come from really deep imaginations, Check out…. Continue reading

Walking On The Sky - Just Beautiful... (1)

Walking On The Sky – Just Beautiful…

These amazing pictures reflecting the perfect serene landscape, like a dream. Amazing colors in the sky are reflected in the calm water that falls on the ground for miles around. Frames that you will find in this release was made on the Salar de Uyuni in the rainy season. Author pictures – photographer Michael Kittell – captured these colorful and magical landscapes, when Taylor and his wife went to a distant and mysterious Bolivia. Continue reading

Magical Macro Pictures by Vasichek Magdalena (1)

Magical Macro World Under Your Feet – Vasichek Magdalena

In this issue, you will see the fabulous work of the Polish Closeup amateur Vasichek Magdalena. Her style is characterized by an unusual touch-up photos, the original effects and stunning beauty bokeh. Its so beautiful
Magdalena likes to take pictures of insects and flowers, offering us a look at the pictures of the incredibly beautiful magical world. The amazing world that we almost do not distinguish with the naked eye or have not notice in the daily hustle and bustle, may be hiding at every our step. Continue reading

Incredible Frosty Under Water Beauty By John Weller (25)

Incredible Frosty Ice and Under Water Beauty By John Weller

John Weller, A American documentary photographer in Boulder, Colorado. He studied economics and philosophy at Stanford University, but in 1999 took up photography professionally. Following the publication of the first book about the national park “Great Sand Dunes” in 2004, focused on shooting the Ross Sea, Antarctica. In 2009, he received a scholarship Pew Fellowships in the Arts to work in environmental conservation project, “The Last Ocean”. I just like  the pictures they seems to be so quiet and amazing, check out…. Continue reading


Beautiful Pictures – Autumn in The Air

September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere is the day of the equinox, and fall officially and finally come into its own. Autumn – it is the harvest season, it’s time to agricultural fairs, festivals, migrations and prepare for winter. People are beginning to feel the frost in the evening and the morning air, the foliage reaches its peak multicolored apples and pumpkins are collected you can see here and the animals came to life started preparing for the approaching winter. Continue reading

The Best Photos of 2013 Magazine Twistedsifter

The Best Photos of 2013 Magazine Twistedsifter

It’s hard to believe, but that’s already opened the final quarter of 2013. Before the New Year is still far, but want to start summing up. Network magazine Twistedsifter did so – published 75 best photos of the day for 2013. Let’s take a look. In the end, the best way to remember the outgoing year, if not the best looking photos? By the way, these photos from the section “Photo of the day” does not necessarily have been made in 2013 and just this year they are very popular, So let us know which one you like the best…. Continue reading

Beauty of Insects You Will Not Believe (9)

Beauty of Insects You Will Not Believe

The U.S. has program for the inventory and monitoring of bees – a project under the responsibility of biologists of the Geological Society of America in Maryland. As part of their work they create tools for the identification of the main species of bees, recreating accurate and detailed images of bees, plants and insects, which the bees interact. Biologists have established a mini-studio, surrounded by Styrofoam cooler with black backing to their macro shots which came out perfect. Here are some pictures of this amazing collection.. Continue reading