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Birth Of Butterfly At My Work Place (12)

Birth Of Butterfly At My Work Place

Girl always wanted to have a pet, but the size of her apartment unfortunately would not allow it. One day she found on her workplace tiny caterpillar, who enjoyed his green lunch. The girl began to observe the process of transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly and an unexpected experience that she will never forget.
She found this lovely guy and just could not get rid of it.

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First Picture of Shakira's Son... (1)

First Picture of Shakira’s Son – Milan

Shakira has released the first photo of her sweet baby boy Milan – and, not surprisingly, it is beyond adorable. The snapshot features the singer’s soccer star beau, Gerard Piqué, delicately cradling the nearly two-week-old infant while giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Milan, who snoozes through his big photo shoot, has brown hair and full lips. Continue reading