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Black-And-White Portraits of Wild Animals (12)

Black-And-White Portraits of Wild Animals

34-year-old photographer Ed Hetherington (Ed Hetherington) of the State of Georgia, USA, during his travels in India and Africa did a terrific series of photos of wild animals in black and white. His photographs are created during the four and a half years, depicted animals such as lions, zebras, deer, tigers, hyenas, and many others. I Suggest you to have a look at a small selection of these amazing portraits.

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Master of Black and White Unique Photography (25)

Master of Black and White Unique Photography

French photographer Rene Maltet, who has lived on this earth, no more nor less than 70 years, was able to amuse the audience. Rene was an anarchist, a nonviolent and pacifist. But first and foremost he was a person who can not break any oppression, even despite the lack of social security, pensions, and the official work he was doing the photos and he was happy.
Freelance photographer Maltet collaborated with photo agency ‘Rafo “for whom he took his chic and sparkling photos, as only this agency understood his work, and not weighed on him.Have a look…

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Black And White Photographs by Sally Mann (1)

Black And White Photographs by Sally Mann

Sally Mann was born in Lexington,  May 1, 1951. she is one of the most famous photographer of U.S.. She has got numerous awards, including awards of the National Foundation for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, and Guggenheim grants. Among many of her albums can be distinguished “second opinion» (Second Sight) 1983, “At twelve» (At Twelve) 1988, “Immediate Family» (Immediate Family) 1992, “There is a time» (Still Time) 1994, “What is» (What Remains), 2003, “Far South» (Deep South), 2005, “Proud flesh» (Proud Flesh) in 2009, and “Flesh and Spirit» (Flesh and the Spirit) 2010 A documentary about her work, “What remains” in 2006 was well received by critics. The works of Sally Mann represented in the permanent exhibition of the New York Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum and Gallery Gagosian Gallery. Have a look…. Continue reading

Frame Of The Storm Clouds From Sony World Photography Awards 2012. (2)

Frame Of The Storm Clouds From Sony World Photography Awards 2012.

Dobrauner Mitch (Mitch Dobrowner) became interested in photography from his childhood. For a long time he worked as a designer in his own studio in California. But in 2005 the passion for photography and travel took over, and Mitch went to go all over America in search of breathtaking shots. His series of photographs of thunderclouds, which he did in Texas, won first prize in the competition Sony World Photography Awards 2012. Continue reading

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Poetry in Black and White Pictures, a Beauty by Hengki Koentzhoro

Here you will find a selection of elegant and meditative photographs depicting the beauty of Asia – a stormy ocean, wet jungles and ancient temples.
About the Author: Hengki Koentzhoro (Hengki Koentjoro) was born in 1963 in Semarang, Indonesia. He was educated at the Institute of photos Brooks in Santa Barbara, California. He currently lives in Jakarta. Shoots landscapes and ocean views. Continue reading