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Fabulous Scenery On Women (17)

Fabulous Scenery On Women

John Poppleton – A Great photographer and artist who knows how to show beauty of nature and women, He creates it. Basically specializes in landscapes. However, unlike other artists, he chose not the most common, but definitely one of the most beautiful canvases – the female body. As if that were not enough, he draws fluorescent dyes, so that when the landscape is completed, he photographed it with the “canvas” on a black background, creating a unique, sophisticated and almost divine beauty. Continue reading

Photos - How Body Of Different Athletes Look Like (1)

Photos – Bodies of Athletes Involved In Different Sports

Sometimes when I see my friends from different sports I can see their body structure really different lets say if we talk about swimmer or basketball lover both are different, may be you think little different. The notion of the ideal form of the human body has appeared in ancient Greece, but the parameters are constantly changing ideal.
Let’s look at the interesting pictures that compare and see the difference between the figures and bodies of athletes involved in different sports. Continue reading

Best Way To Give Shape to Your Body…..

The fastest way to accelerate fat loss and get your heart pumping is to stand in one spot. You just need to plant your feet, grab some heavy battling ropes, and prepare to rain sweat. “Rope training is an easy-to-master, no-impact workout that raises your heart rate quickly,” says Todd Durkin, C.S.C.S., author of The IMPACT! Body Plan. Just because it’s simple, though, doesn’t mean it’s easy. The constant motion of the ropes will blast your core and upper body. Plus, ropes generate more sustained power than running. That means you’ll get an unbelievable metabolic and conditioning workout without taking a step. Continue reading


Weird Body Transformation – Donuts on Forehead, Japan

In Japan, the “donut” on the foreheads become famous trend recently, started to gain popularity in the West. And all thanks goes to the program “Taboo” on the channel National Geographic. Such modification is done by injecting saline into forehead, then a swollen bump  appears on forehead, which makes circular recess inside, forming a kind of bagel. Keep this donut from 16 hours to a day. Continue reading

Pictures of Bodybuilding Contests From Around the World (1)

Pictures of Bodybuilding Contests From Around the World

Throughout the world, from the U.S. to Qatar, bodybuilders spend a lot of time to create the perfect body. Sometimes people reach the limit, taking steroids, hormones and diuretics.

Probably everyone has heard of such competitions in bodybuilding, “Mr. Olympia”, “Championship Bodybuilding and body fitness” and “Mr. Universe”. We present you a selection of photos taken during these events. Continue reading