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Scary Delicious Cakes From The Beauty Christina (8)

Scary Delicious Cakes From – Christina McConnell

Christine McConnell from Los Angeles – stylist, photographer and model by profession – has found a unusual hobby. At leisure, she bakes cakes, brownies and cookies very unusual shapes. Waffle cones with alien monsters, cookies in the form of monsters, scary cake with skulls and other fantastic creatures McConnell posted on Reddit, where rapidly reach the first place. CHECK OUT A new trend.

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Awesomeness of Taste - Creative Cakes..... (15)

Awesomeness of Taste – Creative Cakes…..

Over the past two decades, Debbie Goard strongly improve their skills and created a myriad of realistic looking cakes. Of course, this case has brought a lot of fun to Debbie, but originally it was just a hobby and not regarded as a serious business. And even more so, she did not plan to make money on it.


But after numerous occasions when her cakes have been mistaken for real objects she began to realize that perhaps it is her destiny. In particular, when she created a cake in the form of a life-sized Chihuahua, the owners of the restaurant began to swear and shout: “What makes this dog on the table?”

According to most of Debbies work – is unusual and original orders. This year, she even arranged a demonstration of a whole gallery of cakes based on scenes from various films, cartoons and novels. The exhibition was very popular, this week it was visited by several thousand people, and all admired the realism of these confections and imagination and the ability to master

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Incredible Cakes From Jeanne Zubov, Just Amazing (3)

Incredible Cakes From Jeanne Zubov, Just Amazing for this Christmas 2013…….

Once Jeanne Zubov notable kulinarka and artist from St. Petersburg, decided to surprise the guests and to the process of baking a cake next approached creatively. Since then, she prepares sweet artwork on order not to repeat the plot. Preparation begins with the most cake sketch, and if it is an architectural cake – then with the drawing. Once Jeanne molded decoration directly from the monitor screen, putting video on pause. Orders for private clients artist bakes home, from cakes weighing three to five pounds to 20-30 kilogram multistory towers. For decoration used paint shops, sweet mastic and marzipan. At one large cake decorating can take up to three days, but wanting to wait is a lot. According to Jeanne, the largest and most expensive cakes bought for beloved women and children. Especially popular are fabulous and the Soviet motives. Continue reading

20 Great Ideas To Decorate Cupcakes

In America Cupcake (or topped with mini-muffins) are popular from a long time, some even prefer to use them instead of wedding cake. We were also in the fashion for them which has come more recently. And no wonder – who refuse such tiny cake, almost no threat to the figure (in reasonable quantities, of course …), especially when it is so bright and beautiful! Cupcake recipe are quite a lot and they can be easily found on the Internet. We decided to pay attention to the design of these small exotic confectionery – almost limitless field for the imagination of creative housewives and bakers.
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Outstanding Cakes You Won't Believe..... by Sylvia Veynstok (19)

Outstanding Cakes You Won’t Believe….. by Sylvia Veynstok

When the rich and famous want to show off at a party or celebration with unusual cake, there is only one person to whom they apply. 82-year-old Sylvia Veynstok creates amazing masterpieces of cake. And no matter what the client asks for a lot of flowers or a cake made from a copy of your favorite things – for Sylvia is just a cake… Continue reading

Needle phobics stay away of this cake....

Some of the Weirdest Hospital Themed Bakery Creations

‘CAKE’ The name itself is so delicious that this word is enough itself in making our mouth watery. You must have seen many types of cakes but you might not have heard about medical theme cakes. I don’t know what you will feel when you will see these cakes but you will surely find them different from the cakes you have seen till now. Scroll down to have a look… Continue reading