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For The Bad Russian Winter??? (1)

For The Bad Russian Winter???

That’s such a miracle was collected by BIYSKIY craftsmen.

The car is based on Nissan Maxima. In tehnopank style. Has all features of business class cars + off-road capability. Auto positioned as shoukar. The project ispolzonano computer simulation based on a miscalculation knots and used cars nagruzok.Pri painting original technology that has given surface svoebrazny effect. Continue reading

Look at the Car with The Largest Automobile Race in The World... (2)

Look at the Car with The Largest Automobile Race in The World…

There is nothing surprising that this machine is 30 years old to their owners. Surprisingly, the two-door car Volvo P1800S, which is acquired by Irving Gordon in 1966, which is still on the run, but it is brought back in the 2002, Guinness Book of Records as the largest  Automobile race in the world. This year, 72-year-old Gordon has decided to break its own record and drive three million miles (nearly five million kilometers). Prior to the cherished numbers, car owner is left to drive the entire 34,000 miles. Continue reading

Pikachuuuu...The Pokemon-Cars (1)

Pikachuuuu…The Pokemon-Cars From Japan

Pikachuuuu. Do you remember? Well, just tell me who dont love him – you will not believe. Pokemon –  is a cult. Especially in Japan. The Japanese company toy «Tamara Tomy» decided to revive its former popularity of Pokemon, making the two cars of Toyota, of the two most popular Pokemon – Pikachu and Oshavotta. Unfortunately, these machines are unlikely not ever going to leave the exhibition center. Have a look… Continue reading

16 Weirdest Power Sources for Cars

The extremely engineered development of mankind,a steel body fitted with four wheels. A car is not only a means of transport,but a style statement too. It boosts your appearance,to have a unique car under your arms. A Car is a status symbol for more then hundreds of years. It has seen  a lot of developments,changes before coming in its present form. From  earliest FORD to latest MAIBACH, every thing is almost changed. Car has been a good choice for people who loves unique and weird things,to show their love. Here are some great UNIQUE cars with WEIRD power sources. Continue reading