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Odd Political Cartoon Posters By Andrew Budaeva (8)

Odd Political Cartoon Posters By Andrew Budaeva

Moscow artist Andrei Budaev engaged in so-called political and social posters since 1995. In creating his vibrant collages, he have made the world’s masterpiecesi n which you cane see modern politicians and other “powers that be”. That is why the Andrew Budaev called daring political satire.
Each of his exhibition are on success, and Posters printed by Andrei Budaeva are in private and corporate collections in Russia and abroad, exhibited in Washington, New York, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen. We offer you the collection, have a look at them Continue reading

Woody`s Secret Life from Toy Story (7)

Woody`s Secret Life from Toy Story

Cartoon “Toy Story,” has given us a amazing glimpse into the secret life of toys, which, in turn, inspired some to create “offscreen” scenes loved by many heroes of this cartoon. This time the photographer name is Rafael Moyer, he decided to lift the veil of secrecy over how the cowboy Woody spends his free time in the movie filming. In these shots we see the playful side of Woody in the unusual situation in which he finds himself as one, and with his friends. I am sure kids will like this post more, have a look… Continue reading

Cartoon Street Art By Kenny Random (1)

Cartoon Street Art By Kenny Random

Kenny Random – is a master of street art from the Italian city of Padua. Basically, it’s all you can say about him. But his work speak about it a lot. Earlier projects include the silhouette of a man and his cat, who “wander” in the city, by painting it in bright colors. In his later works, Kenny uses cartoon characters. As the author says, – “I like to play with fantasy and reality, so I try to find the best place to give more power to the animated characters. Cartoons are very powerful on paper, but on the street, they become part of real life. A correctly chosen place can give them more power! ” Continue reading

Pikachuuuu...The Pokemon-Cars (1)

Pikachuuuu…The Pokemon-Cars From Japan

Pikachuuuu. Do you remember? Well, just tell me who dont love him – you will not believe. Pokemon –  is a cult. Especially in Japan. The Japanese company toy «Tamara Tomy» decided to revive its former popularity of Pokemon, making the two cars of Toyota, of the two most popular Pokemon – Pikachu and Oshavotta. Unfortunately, these machines are unlikely not ever going to leave the exhibition center. Have a look… Continue reading