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How China Preparing For The Welcome of New Year 2014 (1)

How China Preparing For The Welcome of New Year 2014

I am sure for the people who are in china and who caan see this live they are very lucky but for others you can see the pics…. of Amazing Winter Wonderland: The Chinese city made entirely of ice

Some 10,000 workers have been toiling away at impressive sculptures made out of ice and snow for the 30th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China. The remarkable structures, which are incredibly detailed with windows, turrets and domes, need about 330,000 cubic metres of snow and ice to build. The annual festival in north-eastern China is due to open to tourists on January 4. Continue reading

Original ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Interior…

To decorate the Christmas tree room or holiday table. there is no need to go into the woods or shop. It is quite possible, but it can or must be done by own hand to make it more special and it is also good for the environment, you can still unleash the imagination and surprise your friends. here is the help guide for you…. Continue reading

Outstanding Cakes You Won't Believe..... by Sylvia Veynstok (19)

Outstanding Cakes You Won’t Believe….. by Sylvia Veynstok

When the rich and famous want to show off at a party or celebration with unusual cake, there is only one person to whom they apply. 82-year-old Sylvia Veynstok creates amazing masterpieces of cake. And no matter what the client asks for a lot of flowers or a cake made from a copy of your favorite things – for Sylvia is just a cake… Continue reading

india republic day

India`s Charm of 63rd Republic Day

India celebrates the 63nd anniversary of Republic Day, a day that marks the adoption of the Constitution of India and the country’s transition from a British Dominion to a republic. Large-scale military parades and cultural events can be seen across the country. The whole event which gather all community, all people of different culture together, it looks so beautiful have a look of some moments…. Continue reading