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Portraits Painted By a Child Suffering From Dyslexia (5)

Portraits Painted By a Child Suffering From Dyslexia

Just think of these portraits were painted not by a famous artist, and a person suffering from the disorder reading and writing skills. Different from their peers, many turn in on themselves, but not Vinzili Lowe from Malaysia. Despite his illness, he is determined to become a success due to its outline, which he easily turns into a creative portraits. See for yourself … Continue reading

Most Scandalous Star Dresses Year (1)

Most Scandalous Star Dresses Year

Reputable site that specializes in news about celebrities published photos of celebrities dresses that caused massive scandals and discussion this year. I suggest you look at the rating of the most scandalous celebrity dresses for the whole year.
List scandalous dresses made in chronological order – from the beginning of the year to its end. While most of the list is occupied by outfits presented in the winter, namely in February 2013. Among these toilets were dark dress with open back, in which Jennifer Lawrence appeared at the Award Ceremony Independent Spirit Awards; green dress with a cut in the chest area, selected by Katy Perry to visit awarding Grammy; black dress with a plunging neckline, bustier singer Jessie J at Brit Awards. Check out… Continue reading

Candid Photos of Leo DiCaprio (5)

Candid Photos of Leo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is in more then one hundred girls mind around the world. From that moment on, this star truly ignited in the movie “Titanic,” the blond lady’s man does not cease to excite the imagination and thoughts of young girls in many countries. Well, we offer you the most hot and sexy pictures of him girls! But he dont want his hotness to be visible check out. Continue reading

Sexiest Actresses in Our History

Your will see here UK s Most sexiest actresses in history. Organizers asked this votes from more than 21,000 visitors, And check out what is the result came out. This rating is not given for any objective. Moreover they were not professionals, they were just fans of modern cinema, Just check out what came out. May be you believe them  or you love some of one in the list…

Please don’t forget to let us know about you are agreed or not?  or what do you feel… Continue reading

Lady Gaga Accepted Homeless-Man`s Gift Of Ring.... (1)

Lady Gaga Accepted Homeless-Man`s Gift Of Ring….

On Sunday a little touchy thing happened with gaga, Outside of her hotel a reportedly homeless man was waiting in line with other fans to give Gaga an engagement ring. According to Gaga fans passing the photos around, Gaga graciously accepted the ring. And when she went to pose with the man for photos, he told her, “But I smell.” To which she replied, “Don’t worry, I smell too.” She gave the man a rose, some money, and posed for a series of pictures with him. Its litlle lovely so GAGA has a soft heart too….check out the pictures Continue reading

Jennifer Lawrence in 'Vogue' Pictures With Cute Dogs (1)

Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Vogue’ Pictures With Cute Dogs

Jennifer Lawrence is best in her looks and going on so good in her career.  J-Law is on the cover of this month’s Vogue, and inside, she talks about X-Men: Days of Future Past, Catching Fire, and OMG IS SHE HANGING OUT WITH DOGS? That, my friends, is the best posed shot since all of this happened. You’ve done the world a favor, Mario Testino. See the rest of his photos below
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Amazing Real Like Transformation With Makeup At Home (1)

Incredible Real Like Transformation With Makeup At Home

Hollywood actors, film and comic book characters – Jack Sparrow, Brandzhelina, Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Manson … Find details about who this stranger, and where she learned so masterful make-up, it was not possible. All that is written by someone who has laid uveditelnye these pictures to the Internet – it’s the only one sentence: “I have a friend who puts an incredible make-up.” And he was right – these transformations using makeup is really incredible. Continue reading