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Strange – Chinese Man Builds Scooter With Suitcase

He Liangcai,a Chinese farmer has built a a battery-powered scooter with a suitcase which not only helps in the transportation of his belondings but also himself. He Liangcai demonstrated his invention at the Changsha train station, from where he rode to his home a few kilometres away. The suitcase scooter weighs seven kgs and is capable of carrying two people. It can travel upto 20 km per hour for a distance of 50-60 km. It also comes equipped with GPS navigation and a burglar alarm.Since it is battery operated, it needs to be charged. It took him 10 years to invent the suitcase scooter. The vehicle is made from a stripped-down electric scooter which is embedded into a suitcase. The rider strides the rectangular luggage and grabs handlebars that control the throttle, breaks and lights. He is already a recognised inventor as he has won a prize at a US-based inventors awards ceremony in 1999 for the invention of an innovative car safety system. He said that he got the idea of the suitcase scooter when he forgot his luggage on his way to accept the award in the US.(IANS) Continue reading

How China Preparing For The Welcome of New Year 2014 (1)

How China Preparing For The Welcome of New Year 2014

I am sure for the people who are in china and who caan see this live they are very lucky but for others you can see the pics…. of Amazing Winter Wonderland: The Chinese city made entirely of ice

Some 10,000 workers have been toiling away at impressive sculptures made out of ice and snow for the 30th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China. The remarkable structures, which are incredibly detailed with windows, turrets and domes, need about 330,000 cubic metres of snow and ice to build. The annual festival in north-eastern China is due to open to tourists on January 4. Continue reading

Lai Yun Shi Zhuan One of the Biggest Ferris Wheel of World (1)

Lai Yun Shi Zhuan One of the Biggest Ferris Wheel of World – China

The construction of the biggest Ferris wheel is about to complete, it is one of the biggest wheel in the world. This structure named Lai Yun Shi Zhuan which means “The Tides Turn.” ” Construction is underway park in Changzhou, in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province. Wheel height is about 89 meters, diameter is 84 meters and weighs 3,000 tons. Just have a look….
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Strange Fruit? Buddha and Baby Shaped Pears - China (1)

Strange Fruit? Buddha and Baby Shaped Pears – China

Fruits are best to eat for your health but if your fruits will come in the shape in which you want to wat,What about a doll shape apple?
I know what you are thinking am i gone mad? nope Check this out- Pears that look like chubby little Buddha-like babies have been spotted for sale in Chinese supermarkets, marketed as “happy/joyful doll pears.” To create these pear dolls, the fruit is molded into its humanoid shape during the growth process on the tree itself. Daily Mail reported last year that an entrepreneurial farmer named Hao Xianzhang has been developing the process for several years and hopes to sell them in the United Kingdom. Continue reading

Chinese Millionaire Still Work As Street Cleaner... (1)

Chinese Millionaire Still Work As Street Cleaner…

A “millionaire woman” from Wuhan City in Central China has spent the last 15 years working six days a week as a street cleaner in order to show her kids the value of a hard day’s work.
Yu Youzhen, a former vegetable farmer who made her fortune through real estate development, has been employed as a sanitation worker since selling her land to the state in 1998. Continue reading