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Pictures - Christmas in Zoo With Lovely Animals (14)

Pictures – Christmas in Zoo With Lovely Animals

On the eve of Christmas in many zoos of the world made to pamper their guests. So, this year, their gifts and holiday treats got animals in zoos Tokyo, Sydney, Hanover, Pembrokeshire, La Fleche. Caretakers say that such events help animals in captivity to maintain their cognitive instincts. I love animals and also try to not to arm them, Just check out how excited they are with their gifts on the Christmas 2013. Continue reading

SHOCKING MIND BLOWING…Canadian Airline Westjet Gave Big Christmas Surprise to Their 250 Passenger? YOU MUST SEE THIS

When I saw that I felt very different emotions I cant say it was too awesome,too happy to watch it, this airline really got good wishes for them this chrsitmas, Plaese I request you if you dont have time, 2 minutes just check out this video.

Canadian airline West jet placed an interactive father Christmas in the departure lounge who knew all 250 passengers by their first names and delivered gifts on board. Continue reading

Creepy and Scary Santa Claus From Past – Photography

In the past,children not only loved santa claus, but were afraid, because he seemed to present more severe.Check out the horrific photographs of the XIX-XX centuries., Which depicts the terrifying silhouettes.Fear of Santa Claus from past. Looking at these old photos of ominous, it becomes clear, why It is difficult to imagine the reaction of today’s children…. Continue reading

Original ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Interior…

To decorate the Christmas tree room or holiday table. there is no need to go into the woods or shop. It is quite possible, but it can or must be done by own hand to make it more special and it is also good for the environment, you can still unleash the imagination and surprise your friends. here is the help guide for you…. Continue reading