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Unbelievable Realistic Feminine Beauty Created With Color On Canvas (29)

Unbelievable Realistic Feminine Beauty Created With Color On Canvas

Temptation by Omar Ortiz

Mexican artist Omar Ortiz is a true connoisseur of feminine beauty. He depicts female body with the finest detail and innate zeal. The artist has in its portfolio for hundreds of jobs.

Transmission level of colors and nature are so good that they have become the hallmark of the artist. Omar with his usual laconic conveys all the subtle curves and lines, showing the unforgettable beauty of graceful ladies from all angles. Ortiz has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. In addition to realistic painting, a good command of various other techniques, such as drawing with pastels, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and airbrush. Omar works regularly participate in various exhibitions worldwide. His talent is recognized as one of the most popular among connoisseurs and fans of the genre. Giperrealist had already collaborate with famous magazines like Vogue and Elle. Check out she is beautiful…. Continue reading

Contemporary street art

Great Contemporary Street Art with 6 Artist Names Selected from Around The World

The art of street art was born in 1942 and has rapidly evolved with each decade. New variety of forms of street art has been seen at times superior to sweep all that had been created before. In street art every detail, shadow, color, line. The artist creates a stylized logo – a “unique character” and portrays it in the areas of the urban landscape. The most important thing in street-art is there is no assigned territory, to draw the viewer into a dialogue and show a different scene. We offer 6 to view the great artists of contemporary street art. Continue reading