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Stunning Statues Of The World (3)

Awesome Statues & Sculptures Around the World

If you are traveling to other countries in the world, then it is impossible to see everything that needs attention, specially the work of talented sculptors who create pieces of stone and metal work of art. In this collection, you will see the best masterpieces of human imagination that rule the streets of famous cities around the world. Continue reading

Incredible Lamp Designs You Will Fall In Love.. (49)

Incredible Lamp Designs You Will Fall In Love..

Chandelier, wall lamp, night light … They not only illuminate our homes at night, but are parts of the interior. So go to the choice of lamp you need with great responsibility! Each of the following samples is a combination of a light source and a work of art!
Lamp with a mini-greenhouse
Swedish designer Kristina Poerova invented and launched the sale of an unusual lamp for kitchen, bathroom with a mini-greenhouse. This elegant lamp, which, moreover, is also a greenhouse can add more luscious greenery not only in space but also in the diet. «Glasshouse» – is the name of this miracle is a lamp with a lampshade bulbous shape and the opening at the bottom, which allows you to collect herbs, growing along the rim of the lamp. Student of the Prague Academy of Arts, got this idea has inspired a desire to grow herbs in the kitchen.

I love all of them I want it all.. Continue reading