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Girlish Fantasy In The Wild Forest (11)

The Wild Forest and Girl Fantasy – Jessica Tremp

Living in Melbourne photographer Jessica Tremp  uses a camera to finally realize their childhood fantasies. “When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a dancer or an actress, and still be able to fly and speak the language of the forest animals. Now I found a way to embody all of these dreams come true at the touch of a button the camera, “- says Jessica.

A series of photographs entitled “Gathering firewood” is filled with images of the website created by the imagination of a young girl wading through the mystical and sometimes dreary forest. A few furry and feathered friends accompany the main character in her journey through the enchanted forest, on the way to an agreement with their emotions.Series displays a variety of internal experiences girls – from loneliness and frustration to the friendly relations and triumphant freedom. Indulge in forest fantasy…. Continue reading

Most Common Nightmares Interpreted... (1)

10 Most Common Nightmares Interpreted…

Author and radio host Diane Brandon has interpreted hundreds of dreams during her 40 years as a student of sleep research.
“I feel that our unconscious, which is the source of most but not all of our dreams, is a wonderful inner ally that is trying to bring us to wholeness and balance,” Brandon tell us.
Brandon helped us compile a list of the 10 most common nightmares, or dreams with negative meanings, which we have only edited for clarity. Continue reading

Dream Of Treasure Hunter (1)

Dream Of Treasure Hunter

Two metal detector enthusiasts have uncovered Europe’s largest hoard of Iron Age coins worth up to £10 million – after searching for more than 30 years.
Reg Mead and Richard Miles spent decades searching a field in Jersey after hearing rumours that a farmer had discovered silver coins while working on his land. They eventually struck gold and uncovered between 30,000 and 50,000 coins, which date from the 1st Century BC and have lain buried for 2,000 years. Continue reading


When Your Baby is Sleeping….A Unique Project.

Adele Enersen (Adele Enersen) – copywriter from Helsinki (Finland) and a young mother. The thirst for creativity does not give her a rest, when her lovely young daughter sleeps. Adele tries to guess what a little dreaming Mile and using improvised things embodied dreams into reality daughter. In the embodiment of the idea it takes a little time, and to create an atmosphere of sleep come from things that are in each house – clothes, towels, umbrellas, toys, etc. With the help of mother Mila fancy riding on an elephant, goes into space, mastering the role of various fairy tale characters, flies on a magic carpet, and more. All photographs are breathing a lot of love and tenderness.

We Present you a small selection of photographs from the series “When the baby sleeps.” Recently published a new illustrated book Adele Enersen, where you can see pictures of her popular blog «Mila’s Daydreams» («Dreams Mila”). Continue reading

Some Interesting Facts of Dreams You See.... (1)

Some Interesting Facts of Dreams You See….

Dreams have always Made us curious since long time. It is also said that there were specific dream interpreters in the courts of kings in early civilizations. However, in the 1800s the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and subsequently, his successor Carl Jung, revolutionized the world of dreams. Since then a lot has been studied in this field but dreams astound us with varied meanings and interpretations every time we witness them. Some of the most interesting facts about dreams in the trailing paragraphs, i am sure will surprise you.

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