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Please be Alert If You Like Flaming Drinks (1)

Please be Alert If You Like Flaming Drinks

Stop Drinking, i know it wont be possible for you check out the news. This girl ordered an unusual shot from the bar on a night out. The drink was then set alight with the idea that it should be drunk quickly. However, when she hesitated to drink the flaming shot, it accidentally spilled over her face while still burning. This is really dangerous see how???? Continue reading


Beer – The Bitter-Better Drink

The days are gone when beer was associated with sagging bellies; your favourite pint is now gaining a status of a drink with health benefits – of course when consumed in moderation! This means, while men can consume about 710 ml of beer per day, women should limit it to 355 ml, to reap the health benefits. If you overdo it, just like any alcohol, beer too can take its toll on your health. So let’s look at the benefits and risks of drinking beer. Continue reading