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Please Come Out Of Drug.... (3)

Please Come Out Of Drugs and Live Life…

London-based photographer Roman Sakovich gives us the opportunity to look at the dramatic visual changes caused by drugs. His project is called “half.” In these photos he shares his portraits of models in two – one, we see the common man, the second – the same person who is already in bondage to drugs.now from this post i just really want my every visiter to please try and protect people from drugs, this thing is giving worst death to some humans please protect your child and future, a request to spread this message forward, Thank you… Continue reading

That's What Happens When Girls Get Really High... (1)

That’s What Happens When Girls Get Really High…

A GIRL who spent four hours smoking super-strength skunk cannabis had to be rescued when she climbed a 40ft electricity pylon after hallucinating that it was a bridge.
Horrified locals spotted the 21-year-old girl – from Zlin, Czech Republic – apparently trying to cross a river and dialed emergency services.
Police spokesman Jan Macalikova said: “It was a nightmare because she was very much under the influence of drugs and wasn’t in the sense. Continue reading