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Girlish Fantasy In The Wild Forest (11)

The Wild Forest and Girl Fantasy – Jessica Tremp

Living in Melbourne photographer Jessica Tremp  uses a camera to finally realize their childhood fantasies. “When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a dancer or an actress, and still be able to fly and speak the language of the forest animals. Now I found a way to embody all of these dreams come true at the touch of a button the camera, “- says Jessica.

A series of photographs entitled “Gathering firewood” is filled with images of the website created by the imagination of a young girl wading through the mystical and sometimes dreary forest. A few furry and feathered friends accompany the main character in her journey through the enchanted forest, on the way to an agreement with their emotions.Series displays a variety of internal experiences girls – from loneliness and frustration to the friendly relations and triumphant freedom. Indulge in forest fantasy…. Continue reading

Woman's Emotions, First Time She Heard Voices in 40 years. (2)

Woman’s Emotions, First Time She Heard Voice in 40 years.

40-year-old Joan Milne (Joanne Milne) was born with Usher syndrome. Joan severe case of deafness in which conventional hearing aids can not help her, so she decided to install a cochlear implant, which would allow her to hear again. Four weeks after surgery, the woman for the first time included the unit and she experienced a storm of untold emotions. Continue reading

11 Heart Touching Pictures, Proving That Dreams Do Come True (3)

11 Heart Touching Photos Proving That Dreams Do Come True

Happy moments are Lovely Moments when you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Its a very different Feeling, I am sure everyone has this  moments in their life   ..

No matter you spend money for that or no money needed its connected directly what your heart wants.

For example, if you desire to fulfill your small wish, it can also bring satisfaction and joy. You can do something good not only for ourselves but for others – just so that they were feel special and get emotions.

We present the pictures, which show people at the time of the execution of their dreams or desires. Very sincere and touching images that cause the joy of the fact that someone in the world has become really happy. Continue reading

Great Life Moments of Ordinary People (18)

Great Life Moments of Ordinary People

Here iam sharing some moments which are made by ordinary people. At the most basic cameras. But touched to the core.

When an American journalist of weekly sports magazine «Sport Illustrated» Richard Deitch asked on his Twitter question: “Do you people have pictures, which show the best that happened to you in life?” it struck a flurry of responses. Richard has received hundreds of different photos with captions.

We have chosen the best pictures for you, which depicted the unforgettable moments of life of ordinary people. Check out…

Continue reading

Raw Emotions in Portraits (10)

Feelings and Raw Emotions in Portraits

18-year-old photographer Christian Benetel first became interested in photography at the young age of 14, when he noticed his sister posting her photos on Flickr. After seeing incredible photos of the people she followed, he was inspired to pick up his parent’s digital camera to see what he could do. Fast forward four years later and Benetel is now part of an elite group of talented teenage photographers who have an obvious knack for visual storytelling.
While he cites Flickr photographers like Alex Stoddard and David Talley as sources of inspiration, Benetel has a style all his own. The way he captures feelings and emotions by his unique angle or composition, makes him one to watch. “I think you can really capture raw emotion with portraits and it really allows you to create pictures that people can relate to, which is what I love doing with my photos,” he tells us. In one of my favorite shots, immediately below, he took a picture of a girl laying on the grass at a botanical garden. The trees created shadows on the ground making them look like eerie cracks. He calls the photo Dreamspace. Continue reading


How to Positively Deal with a Break-Up….

An end of a relationship is always painful irrespective of the fact that whether it was your decision to call it quits or it was the other person who decided to move on. No matter how old we are, a break-up hurts as much as it did the first time; probably the only thing that changes is that we get better at coping with a heart break. Continue reading