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In 1986, Cleveland Got Attacked Balls ... (2)

Stunning Balloons Attack ,In 1986, Cleveland, Ohio!

In 1986, Cleveland, Ohio, proved that the balloons that we all consider the symbol of celebrations and carnivals, can become a terrible proof of the correctness of the expression “good enough is enough.” It all started when one organization called the United Way has decided to set a new world record, while releasing into the air filled with the largest number of helium balloons. Photographer Tom Sheridan appeared close to the camera and filmed the event, turning chaos. United Way organization is a charity, and the purpose of this event was to raise money, but eventually the issue of 1.5 million colorful balloons over the city led to what has been spent on cleaning more than collected. Continue reading


Dolphins Protect Long-Distance Swimmer Adam Walker From Great White Shark – Video

British man Adam Walker is accompanied by a pod of dolphins on his quest to conquer the Oceans7! The Dolphins stayed with Adam for more than an hour and swam around him playfully getting close enough for Adam to touch. A fantastic experience for all involved.

Actually these dolphins were protecting him with whit shark was down under the water. Check out how???


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How China Preparing For The Welcome of New Year 2014 (1)

How China Preparing For The Welcome of New Year 2014

I am sure for the people who are in china and who caan see this live they are very lucky but for others you can see the pics…. of Amazing Winter Wonderland: The Chinese city made entirely of ice

Some 10,000 workers have been toiling away at impressive sculptures made out of ice and snow for the 30th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China. The remarkable structures, which are incredibly detailed with windows, turrets and domes, need about 330,000 cubic metres of snow and ice to build. The annual festival in north-eastern China is due to open to tourists on January 4. Continue reading

Unusual - The Day of Skulls Hosted In Bolivia (10)

Unusual – The Day of Skulls Hosted In Bolivia

Every year in November, the Bolivians celebrate an unusual holiday called “Day of the skulls” or “Natitas”. On this day the people of Bolivia bring to the cemetery for the consecration of the skull of their relatives, they cherish the house. Bolivians believe that the skulls of deceased relatives bring them good luck and are protective talismans. Continue reading