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The British - The World Championship Throwing Eggs (1)

British – The World Championship Throwing Eggs

It is believed that throwing eggs, as a sport, has appeared in 1322, when it is ordered by royal.. They say that he was the only one who had chickens, and he touted his parishioners that gave each an egg for each campaign in the church. However, when the river overflowed its banks Eau, people could not get into the church, and the monks began to throw eggs waited their peasants. They also say that when the flood intensified, the monks had to use small “catapult” to cover such a long distance. It is from this tradition went to throw eggs, which in Britain is remembered, check out the pictures…

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Strange Walk On a Tightrope at an Altitude Of 1,220 Meters (11)

Strange Walk On a Tightrope at an Altitude Of 1,220 Meters – The Balloon Record

Increasingly, reports on television or in the vast Youtube you can find extreme, walking on a rope over precipices, but our today’s hero is surpassed many of them. His name was Andy Lewis. 27 years of professional passed by 12 meter cord, which was secured between two balloons at an altitude of 1220 meters.
Because of his willingness to make a very dangerous jumps, he set a world record in Las Vegas in the heat of the Nevada desert. Check out … Continue reading

"Russian Knights" Painted An Angel In The Sky (1)

“Russian Knights” Painted An Angel In The Sky

Guardian angel with the wings of fire and smoke. This is “painted” by aerobatic team “Russian Knights” on the 75th anniversary of the “Center show aircraft” in Kubinka and to own 22 anniversary. Four fighter SU-27 for 6 seconds we perfectly clear shot off flares and then it dissolved in the right direction the smoke trail from them. angel floating in the sky, as if watching what is happening on the ground, and protecting us with the wings. Its so beautiful to watch the pictures, I am sure people who was present live have loved it for sure… Continue reading

Animal Photos Of The Year 2013 From Around The World by YAHOO (1)

Animal Photos Of The Year 2013 From Around The World by YAHOO

This year is been with full of joy, happiness, sadness, excitement , fear we can say that we had all emotions in it so If we are talking about complete year now as the New Year is about to come 2014. Then lets start recalling all the main events and featured things happened in pictures this year. Here let me show you the best images of animals of 2013 from around the world. and also don’t appreciate the person whosoever have clicked the unique moments. Continue reading

10 Incredible Ideas For Makeup For Halloween (6)

10 Incredible Halloween Makeup

Halloween night is gone but still i want to show you halloween celebration, so the first thing very important was makeup We offer you 10 ideas for makeup and create an original image. Even if you do not have suit, do not despair in future- with the help of make-up, sharpness, and this release, you can create an interesting image, and for which suit may not be needed. Continue reading

Best Astrophotography Of 2013 (13)

Best Astrophotography Of 2013

Recently a big event organised – The photo contest of Astronomy Photographer 2013 – Competition off astronomical photography, Which is organized by the Greenwich Royal Observatory (UK) for the fifth consecutive year. This year’s contest attracted more than 1,200 images submitted from 49 countries. We bring you the best of the contest, Just have a look…. Continue reading

Malala pakistan

Nobel Price Contenders – Malala

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Pakistani teenage activist shot by the Taliban and a Japanese author who writes about alienation and a fractured modern world are tipped as Nobel Prize winners ahead of the annual awards that start on Monday.

Malala Yousafzai, 16, shot in the head by the Taliban last year for demanding education for girls, gave a speech at the United Nations in July saying she would not bow to “terrorists” who thought they could silence her. She is a favorite for the peace prize among experts and betting agencies.

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