Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Fashion and memes when combined can provide some excellent funny situations, like we have it in our article today, where we have the funniest fashion memes that can set the mood for your rest of the evening.

Modern People Should Wear Horrible Pants (12)

Initially, all kinds of pants have been created to cover the lower part of the body and protect it from the cold. Today, many young people believe that wearing regular pants are too easy, so they put all sorts of extravagant things on their feet that cause only laughter and quiet horror. check out how, May be your friends are also a part of it…

After and Before Transformation Of Big Size Dress (13)

Gillian Owens – writer and designer of the company’s Columbia SC, which has decided to slightly modify the presentation of contemporary fashion. Faced with financial troubles and feeling embarrassed by so fast changing modern fashion trends, she went through a second hand shop and bought myself a cheap, old-fashioned, but a promising clothing. And then she began to transform it into a chic new wardrobe items.

WTF Fashion ???? (19)

I always said modern fashion is gone mad the designers I dont know from where  they think these designs may be from some bad reams or from out of this world. Check out….


Here I come with a new thing today for girls, if you are bored with the tattoos and want to look more fashionable with eye catchy change then go for this belly button piercing designs with some glittery diamonds or a wing.


Dont look here and there for amazing tattoo designs. I am here to help you all Up-till I am sure you have seen lots of designs If Not? Check all tattoo design on the site i am sure you will get a tattoo today if you don’t  have or no matter if you have, I always give best selection. Here you can see wrist tattoo wrist tattoo is like anyone can have very visible place and design look so attractive, SELECT YOURS :)

Stunning Norwegian Brides and Their Outfits (1)

LJ a blogger writes winter-licht: Photos from the collection of Norway Folk museum, which is made during the 1870-1920. They feature girls in wedding dresses and gorgeous headgear resembling fairy crown. Many brides are holding the Bible. They are looking extreme beautiful …….


October is just around the corner, which means we’ve been thinking about what we’re going to be for Halloween for the past three months! If you weren’t graced with such an abundance of foresight, don’t fear — we’re here to guide you. We may not steer you in the direction of what to be for Halloween, but we can definitely tell you that you do NOT want to wear any of these costumes, starting with ol’ Miley Cyrus up there. Yes it’s scary, but it’s not good-scary. Here are some other Halloween disasters to avoid…

Designer Clothes Making Freaky Faces - Fashion Faces (1)

You Wear clothes and wash them and again store them uptill you like them to wear, have you ever thought anything else for them. Dont take it so seriously just check out what photographer got new with fashion clothes.
Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi. From her private New York studio, she’s unleashed a selection of freakish faces, formed and folded entirely from fashionable clothes. Titled ‘Fashion Faces’ she’s taken designer jeans, jackets, shirts and sweaters and contorted them into unusual & somewhat grumpy faces. Even more impressive that her origami-esque skills is the fact she did all this without a single drop of glue or pair of scissors being needed. Her only tools were a vivid imagination, buckets of clothes and lots of trial and error. The result? Your laundry never looked so…..lifelike!
so if you are free and want to do some kiddish thing. So give life to your clothes and enjoy…

Pictures of The First Beauty of Muslims World (1)

Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola, 21, won the World Muslimah 2013 title on Wednesday. Twenty finalists showed off Islamic fashions and worked to demonstrate religious values during the contest. The pageant was held before the upcoming Miss World competition, which has drawn protests from hardline Indonesian Muslim groups.